477 thousand violations of vehicle license expiration in the country last year

Vehicle inspection ensures roadworthiness.

From the source

Traffic departments in the state issued 477,299 violations of driving an expired vehicle last year, compared to 434,488 violations in 2018, noting that one vehicle may be exposed to the same violation repeatedly due to non-renewal of its license.

One article in the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law included two violations, the first being driving a vehicle with an expired driving license, and the second driving a vehicle with an expired license, each of which is fined 500 dirhams, four traffic points, and the vehicle is seized for seven days.

Traffic departments warned that some vehicle drivers neglect to renew their license on time by delaying it until further notice, in a manner that causes a technical defect for the vehicle because it is not examined and maintained, which leads to accidents that pose a threat to their safety and others.

It called on all those whose vehicle license has expired to expedite its renewal, and to annually adhere to renewing the vehicle and registering it on the specified dates, within the framework of continuous efforts to enhance traffic safety.

And she stressed the importance of technical inspection to determine the vehicle’s faults, and asking its owner to repair it to obtain a report confirming the validity of its use, and to renew it according to the conditions and procedures followed, to ensure traffic safety.

Abu Dhabi Police revealed that the number of "expired licenses" vehicles has decreased by 70.3%, since the application of smart systems on internal and external roads in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to monitor and violate vehicles with expired licenses.

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