In implementation of the decision "regulating labor relations"

"Emiratisation" begins procedures for equal wages between men and women in the "private"

“Emiratisation” will begin setting controls and standards for businesses of equal value in preparation for their governmental approval.


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has begun its procedures to activate equal wages between men and women in the event of performing the same work or work of equal value, in implementation of the decision to regulate labor relations, recently issued by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, and comes into effect as of This September 25.

She revealed, on its official Facebook page, that it will begin preparing the procedures, controls and standards necessary to evaluate "works of equal value" and submit them to the Council of Ministers for approval, in preparation for implementing the decision.

The Ministry noted that the new amendments to the Law on Regulating Labor Relations would enhance the UAE’s regional and global supremacy in relation to gender equality at various levels and fields, especially as the UAE topped the Arab countries and the region’s countries in bridging the gender gap, gender equality and the equal wage index, according to For the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, issued by the World Economic Forum, which reflects the continuing efforts to work towards achieving gender equality at various levels.

She indicated that the UAE’s progress in its overall ranking in the gender gap report is an inevitable result that the state’s government is continuously working to enhance gender cooperation through a set of initiatives aimed at empowering women in all fields, enhancing the work environment, and providing equal opportunities for women in Work sectors, in addition to developing and strengthening the role of women as key partners in building the future of the country.

She stressed that the UAE is a country that believes in the active role of Emirati women in achieving the stability and development of society, and provides them with full support to translate their ambitions into action and achievements.

The new government procedures and controls related to evaluating work of equal value in private sector establishments will set an equivalent value or equal wage for work of similar value without taking into account any gender differences, provided that market prices are the basis for evaluating salaries. .

According to the International Labor Organization, different countries differentiate between the concept of "equal pay for equal work" and the concept of "equal pay for work of equal value", explaining that the first concept refers to the presence of employees working for the same job, which leads to the employer By giving these workers equal wages, while the second concept expands to include employees working in different jobs, requiring different sets of responsibilities, skills and knowledge, with the total value of these jobs remaining equal.

She mentioned that the process of determining the job value of jobs is through job evaluation methodologies, which are carried out by human resources specialists, and within the framework of the analytical job evaluation methodology, the job value is usually based on several factors, including «the level of skills, efforts and responsibilities, and the working conditions required of Worker to perform the job », indicating that this evaluation results are converted into a numerical value related to the various job titles of the establishment, and through this value or titles the appropriate wages for those jobs are determined.

65.5% bridging the gender gap

According to the Global Gender Gap Indicators Report, until the end of last year, the UAE managed to close 65.5% of the gender gap, achieving better gender parity in the Political Empowerment Index, which witnessed a progressive boom from 112 to 75 globally since the report began in 2006. .

The general rate of equality in wages between females and males working in the country has improved, as last year witnessed an increase of four ranks in the index of the number of females working in leadership and administrative positions in the country, and the educational attainment index witnessed an advance of six points.

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