• 2019.Chivite turns to profile so as not to invite the King to the Prince of Viana Awards

  • 2015.Navarra withdraws the invitation to the Prince of Viana Awards from the King

The Government chaired by the socialist María Chivite in


maintains the exclusion of the Kings in this community and initiates the decision adopted by Uxue Barkos in 2015, as president of an Executive supported by

Geroa Bai

, Bildu, Podemos and

Izquierda Ezkerra

, not to invite them at the

Prince of Viana awards ceremony


While the Government led by Pedro Sánchez and the main leaders of the PSOE have shown their support and support for Felipe VI in recent weeks, especially as a result of the departure from Spain of Don Juan Carlos, Chivite reaffirms the purpose of disassociation with the

House Real


The decision did not come as a great surprise in


, since the assistance of the Kings has not occurred since 2015 and in these preceding weeks they had no communication whatsoever that the situation was going to be different.

«We have a very fluid relationship with the Royal House, a relationship of institutional loyalty.

The Kings have been present and will continue to be present in Navarra, but we believe that at this time the Príncipe de Viana Award has to focus above all on the recognition of the winner, put the focus on him, ”was the justification he made this week the Vice President of the Navarrese Government,

Javier Remírez


Since taking office as president, Chivite has shown equidistance with the Royal House, never wanting to be in favor of recovering the presence of the Kings in these awards.

Already in September 2019, the Navarrese socialists abstained in a motion presented in the provincial Parliament for the Monarchs to attend the awards.

Navarra Suma's spokesman,

Javier Esparza

, shows his concern about Chivite's decision and puts the PSOE before the mirror of contradiction: “When Uxue Barkos decided to exclude the Kings of the Princess of Viana awards, the socialist

Santos Cerdán

considered that it was a smear for the award;

now he endorses it as a new cession to Basque nationalism ».

It should be remembered that, in 2015, Santos Cerdán - then secretary of Organization of the PSN, today executive secretary of territorial coordination of the Executive of Pedro Sánchez - said that the exclusion of the Kings "totally discredits the award."

«Chivite is a socialist president who makes nationalist policies.

In Navarra socialism has disappeared.

Chivite presides, Uxue Barkos (Geroa Bai) commands and EH Bildu decides, "adds Esparza.

«Chivite bows before the nationalists and expressly before Bildu, who was the one who guaranteed him the investiture and with whom he approved the budgets;

he yielded to the left


the keys to the Government of Navarre. "

The Prince of Viana Award was established in 1990 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Prince of Viana Institution, the body that the

Provincial Council

of Navarra created in 1940 to promote culture, especially the conservation of heritage, the cultivation of fine arts and the preservation of the legacy of the people of Navarra.

The last attendance, in 2015

From 1993 and uninterruptedly until 2015, the award was delivered by Don Felipe, and since 2004, accompanied by Doña Letizia.

The endowment of the award is

25,000 euros

, financed by the Government of Navarra, through the Department of Culture.

In 2015, in his last attendance at these awards, Felipe VI expressed his satisfaction at visiting Navarra: «Whenever we come we appreciate the vitality of this community, the roots of its history, culture and traditions in the current reality;

as well as the collective drive to achieve new and higher goals in education, research, social welfare, defense of the environment and, ultimately, development and progress.

In this way, Navarra contributes to the greater prosperity of the whole of Spain and also maintains its solidarity so characteristic with other less favored countries and societies ”.

The Executive of Navarra does express that the Kings will go to this region in a "presence limited to another series of activities that have to do with their constitutional duty" in the coming dates.

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