This weekend, sports youths and ICA retailers gather around the country to clean up nature.

Namely, it's time for this year's second cleaning round in Klara, finished, clean!

A project funded by the ICA Foundation and made possible through the sale of the food chain's environmental fund.

Found a lot of rubbish

- There is a lot of rubbish out in nature and we have to get better at not throwing things on the ground when we are out and about.

I did not think it would be that much, says Essy Pettersson who also plays in Eneryda Volley.

There are 44 associations and teams with a total of 1000 young people and leaders who are helped with the garbage collection.

- We have found cans, a piece of a deck, fimpar and a frisbee, says Selma De Flon.

- In the spring cleaning round, the young people from the then 38 participating associations picked up almost nine tonnes of rubbish from nature.

Now other associations and teams are cleaning in other places, and they will make a noticeable difference there as well, says Josefin Warg, project manager at Städa Sverige.

Important effort

On Saturday, Eneryda Volley had representatives from each team with them to pick up rubbish.

In total, there were about 20 of them and there was never any doubt about saying yes.

- It was obvious.

It is important that we help keep nature clean and the children learn about sorting.

The association receives a small amount of money as a thank you for the help but sees it as team building, says Anna Kjell leader Eneryda Volley.