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  • Relationships: The ironclad and striking friendship between Enrique Ponce and singer Luis Miguel

"Luis Miguel's girlfriend captivates with a tiny red bikini", "Luis Miguel and his girlfriend are caught doing crazy things under the water".

These are the

latest headlines about the singer,

whom many voices

hold responsible for

the romance of the year in Spain: that of Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria.

We explain.

Ponce and the

Sun of Mexico

have been close friends for years.

The bullfighter does not miss any of his concerts in Madrid and every time he goes to fight in the country of the


he stays at home.

Even the Valencian has made his first steps in the world of song: Tararíiiiii, riroriroríiiiii.

His gorgoritos have gone viral coinciding with his separation from Paloma Cuevas.



have portrayed the close friendship between the matador and the artist: they play golf in luxurious


and go to dinner with their partners.

In the past, with his exes, Cuevas in the case of Ponce and

Aracely Arámbula

in that of Luis Miguel, mother of two of his children, from whom he separated in 2011.

What's more,

the Ponces turned to Micky

when he got divorced.

They introduced him to Genoveva Casanova, also an Aztec, with whom he had an affair in 2015.

Luis Miguel and Enrique Ponce playing golf in Tenerife.GTRES


Luis Miguel has been dating a young woman named Mollie Gould

for two years.

So far everything normal.

However, there is a revealing fact:

Mollie is 20 years old today

, she started dating the singer at 18, which triggered some alarms: did you meet her when she was a minor?

Mollie has been with the singer for 30 years

and 10 with his eldest daughter, Michelle Salas.

An age difference reminiscent of the chronological San Andrés fault between Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria, who turned 22 on Thursday.

The law student is 26 years younger than her boyfriend, who is shouted "Kike" in the squares and has integrated perfectly into the family and gang of friends of her love.

Has Luis Miguel influenced Enrique Ponce then?

It could be, but it must be said that

the Sun

was not married or recently separated with Aracely Arámbula when he began dating Mollie, "Californian, showgirl, dancer and model", according to the DF media. A

stunning blonde more explosive than Ana Soria

and little given to discretion.

Her photos and videos half-naked in lingerie fascinate her more than 70,000 followers.

Ana is also going out in a bathing suit, but even with mannequin and


manners and physique

, she is

more demure than the wild Mollie.

See this post on Instagram

Anabolean languages ​​(homage to Carlos García-Calvo), they maintain that

Ponce has known the girlfriend of his close friend for two years

, information not verified, although it does appear that Luis Miguel spent a few days at the



, owned by the Ponce, in July 2018, the last time he was in Spain on tour.

The interpreter

likes to tease heifers

and rest there and could have taken Mollie.

On the other hand, there were rumors about

the bullfighter's last trip to Mexico

in February before the pandemic.

It was said that he was already with Ana Soria and that he accompanied him, but they deny it.

What is true is that the dates do not add up.

Only they know how long they have been together.

Spain positions itself with Paloma Cuevas

On Wednesday elmundo.es began a national debate by launching the survey of great interest: Which team are you, Paloma Cuevas or Ana Soria?

At the close of this edition, because it is a live poll in our digital edition, 4,315 people had voted and the absolute winner was Paloma Cuevas, with 79% of the votes compared to 21% for Ana Soria.

Indeed, Spain is on the side with the former wife of the bullfighter in this summer soap opera.

Our country empathizes with the member of any broken couple who plays the role of mourner while the other rebuilds her life, in this case in full view of all.

Ponce, shortly after officially transcending that he was leaving the marital home, was exhibited on social networks with his young girlfriend, whom many view with suspicion due to their lack of discretion.

How does a 22-year-old college girl embark on a relationship with a recently separated man and two daughters?

Of course, the thing is serious.

He already knows her parents and she has requested the transfer of her file from the Almería Law School to another in Madrid.

She has given up her Erasmus in Poland and is ready, like him, to illustrate in installments all the episodes of her courtship on Instagram.

From his kisses in bed to his cruises on her family's yacht.

The big question is: who is taking all those cuddle photos for them?

In some Ponce she prevents comments from being written because she knows that Spain is not on her side.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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