Ilta-Sanomat's sex poll revealed what kind of one-night stuff has stuck in people's minds - good and bad.

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“For someone, sex might act like a pill to feel good,” sex therapist Maria Linkoaho-Nordling of Sexpo’s Interpersonal Therapy Center said.

On the other hand, not everything goes quite smoothly.

We listed 7 typical one night stories.

1. Tinder's acquaintance became hot

A woman message while I was with a guy in a pub that now it would be good to come to her right away.

After confirming the surprising suggestion, I took a taxi to the address he provided.

We ended up having sex as soon as the door closed.

We hadn’t even kissed before, and the contrast when jumping to the other extreme was weird.

Her dog felt threatened by the sound of the hostess, and at the same time the woman was being hit with quite a flu.

After sex, I asked if it was better to leave him sick.

Sorry, he escorted me to the door.

I ordered a taxi and already when I left kissing him I knew I would never hear from him again.

- Man, 41

I drank alcohol alone at home and browsed Tinder.

At some point, the drinks ran out.

I suggested quite spontaneously to a man that he would come and visit me at a nearby pub.

The man was in the car, so he drank only that one.

I actually took a little more.

We had some little hiccups already there in the pub.

Before the comma, we went to the man's car.

We parked it in a slightly more sheltered place, and started working in the back seats.

I don’t forget this because it was my first time in the car.

–Female, 23

2. A moment of comfort for the lonely

I was a single parent for a while.

A guy from my preschool son was practicing staying with a friend.

The child's recently divorced father was left to sit in the evening and wait for the children to calm down.

After all, we had already had a small eye game in the windshield of the shelter for a long time.

We stayed to watch a movie, the kids fell asleep and we ended up spending a wonderfully tender night together on the couch as quiet as possible.

The comfort of that beautiful summer night between two lonely ones was good for both of us, though it didn’t develop any more then.

- Woman, 40

It is not uncommon for a bar night to end in the same bed. Photo: Colourbox

3. The end of the bar night

I met a woman I was over ten years younger in a hotel nightclub.

We listened to Zen Café at the bar counter and talked to them about these.

At first I thought the conversation would lead nowhere, but since he was very charming, I suggested moving to my hotel room.

He agreed and soon I was able to undress him.

It was a side jump from both sides, and we never met again.

His thanks for good sex and a memorable experience came to mind.

- Man, 52

The man was in his hometown just visiting.

We met on the terrace and ended up in bed.

In the morning, tender kisses and a shared breakfast.

We didn't even change numbers.

Over the years, the man’s name has also been forgotten, but the night and morning spent together remain in mind.

Since then, the other one-night stuff has felt somehow cold.

- Woman, 28

4. Friends with benefits

I was with a male friend for the night.

There has always been a certain kind of chemistry between us.

He has somehow always attracted me, but neither has ever acknowledged any kind of emotion.

We slept side by side in our bed in all the peace of our night, but in the morning the situation escalated into sex.

The more awesome situation in sex itself was the feeling of having longed for another and finally something had happened.

Since then, we have never talked about the case, let alone repeated it, but from time to time I remember it with a smile.

- Woman, 25

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5. As a commuter

I met a man while I was in the park spending a summer evening with my friends.

He was on a business trip, a Danish man celebrating his birthday.

Oh, how he charmed me with his accents, eyes and words.

It was only a short distance from the park to me, so we ended up there with a bunch of strawberries.

That good-smelling and broken English-speaking man with his chest hair comes to mind even after five years.

- Woman, 31

Once on a business trip to Oulu, I decided to look for an online sex club.

Be that as it may, I also found out.

It’s my only one night adventure ever.

We were both out, we met at the restaurant.

We went to have sex at his apartment because I myself shared a hotel room with my supervisor on the trip.

After all, no one could be taken there.

There was a smile delicate the next day.

My supervisor didn't realize anything.

- Man, 33

We were on a two-day seminar trip to the workplace at Haikko Manor.

There were so many of us that the accommodation capacity was running out and some were accommodated in the magnificent suites of the main house.

I got myself such a lavish room, where I ended up after dinner with a picturesque colleague.

That night, if any, was memorable.

- Man, 44

6. In the holiday mood

We were on a boat in Saimaa, a city.

I was going to the boat at night to sleep.

In the yard of the restaurant, I stayed to chat with a beautiful woman.

He wanted to go to our boat to drink skumpas.

The skumps turned into sex, and my friend had to sleep in the back of the boat.

The best thing about the whole thing was that we were in port for two nights.

The same lady finally came on the boat both nights for the night.

- Man, 47

Winter vacation at the ski resort.

From the dance floor to the bed, mutual attraction at its maximum.

The man was really grateful to have the kind of sex he never gets at home.

He was a good bet, but nothing to overthrow.

Suggested appointments, but in normal life I don’t do busy men.

Holidays are an exception.

–Female, 56

7. On board

The woman spotted from the ship whimpered loudly, but as a busy person I did not leave.

As the night progressed further, I somehow ended up fussing with that woman’s guy in their cabin toilet.

Sex to suit your own preferences, but also icy carrots from betrayal.

- Man, 23

What kind of memories do you have of vacations or boat trips?

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