Emens, 26, and Tuomas, 29, from Joensuu, get each other at the beginning of the new season of the First Meetings at the Altar series.

Before the wedding, the couple gets to read each other’s letters.

- I'm excited, hopefully at least a little too, Emma writes.

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It turns out that Emma experiences uncertainty about her appearance, for example.

- The worst idea has been that if he doesn't like me at all.

If it’s immediately that it’s not like that, Emma breaks out crying.

- I hope to be there happy and ready to bring even the most beautiful in the world, but my costume is so beautiful that I would admire it.

The photographer has to boldly urge Emma and Thomas to get closer.

Emma is anxious about some of the positions instructed by the photographer and downright overnight at the suggestion of putting her face closer to Thomas.

- Such commanded intimacy is not natural to me, Emma explains.

- It feels pretty strange to be in such close moods with the unknown, says Tuomaskin.

- I don't know if I would have noticed Emma if I had met elsewhere.

He is not one to be the first to pay attention to, Tuomas admits to the cameras.

The uncertain atmosphere continues at the wedding venue, where Tuomas ends up being the target of Emma's flood of questions.

- What do you think of me?

Emma asks while putting food on her plate.

- Yes, your personality suddenly comes to the fore.

You are laughing, that is clear, straight, Tuomas answers.

- Is that too much?

Emma continues.

- What?

- Me.

- Too much what?

- Something too much.


Is it a positive or negative feeling?

Emma’s discomfort begins as the wedding party progresses, but the uncertainty remains.

- I have the feeling that I would like to seek refuge, hold hands and flirt, but then I don't dare because I don't know what the other person thinks, Emma admits.

In the late evening, Emma is seen leaning on Tuomas' shoulder and cuddling.

However, he admits to his friends that it is surprisingly easy to be with Thomas.

- I wish us such a normal relationship, Emma tells Tuomas.

- Time will tell, Tuomas answers.

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