Friday, September 4, is Finnish Food Day.

This is a day launched by the Hyvää Suomesta brand, the purpose of which is to remind of the importance and value of domestic food.

It was celebrated for the first time last year.

In grocery stores, especially the hevi department now also has a lot of domestic supply.

The K-Group, S-Group and Harvest Season Calendar list the products of the September season on their websites.

The harvest season calendar highlights domestic products.

For example, these domestic products are the products of the September harvest season:

  • Hot peppers

  • Corn

  • Artichoke top

  • Kurttukaali, savijinkaali

  • Kale

  • Chinese cabbage

  • Black horn mushrooms

  • Tatit

  • Beetroot

  • Black radish

  • Parsnip

  • Oat root

  • Yellow root

  • Spaghetti pumpkin

  • Folding bean, green bean

  • Broad bean

  • Apple

  • Pear

  • Plum

  • Cowberry

  • Watermelon

Many grocery stores display the products of the current harvest season in their hevia departments.

Did you know about domestic watermelon?

Watermelon is often thought of as a foreign summer product.

It may be a little surprising that the harvest season for domestic watermelon is now, and that it tastes sweeter than imported melon.

- As amazing as it sounds, but yes.

In Finland, watermelons are grown in the open, the website of the Fruit and Berry Farmers' Association describes in a bulletin published in July.

Its cultivation method has only been found by experimentation, the union's website explains.

The cultivation method of domestic watermelon has been learned by experimenting. Photo: Association of Fruit and Berry Growers

The association says that the availability of domestic watermelon varies, but at least in the Helsinki metropolitan area and southern Finland it should be found in the largest stores.

However, it may not be found in all stores.

Although the taste of domestic watermelon is sweeter, its flesh is slightly lighter than that of imported melon.

The sweetness of Finnish watermelon is due to the long days of the Finnish summer.

Domestic pears are also available

We asked Miika Ilomäki, Executive Director of the Association of Fruit and Berry Growers, which seasonal Finnish products would she recommend from the store's hevi department?

- In addition to domestic apples, domestic pears and plums are at their best in September.

Domestic pears have been well available for 3-4 years, he says.

A major employer

In a press release related to the Finnish Food Day, the Finnish Food Industry Association explains the reasons for supporting domestic food products:

- The sector is a major employer.

Food companies employ 38,000 people in almost 1,800 locations, the release says.

There are companies in every province of Finland, from Åland to Lapland.

- The entire food sector, ie primary production, the food industry, the grocery trade and professional kitchens, employs 340,000 people in Finland, including indirect effects, ie every eighth working-age person.

Every tenth tax euro comes from the food industry, the Federation of Finnish Food Industries says.

The Good from Finland brand is the symbol of the Finnish food chain's cooperation.

The labeling promises that the final product will be manufactured and packaged in Finland.

If the packaging contains only one type of raw material, it must be 100% Finnish in order for the label to be used.

If the product contains several raw materials, the label may be used if 75-100 per cent of the raw materials are Finnish.

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