Chinanews client, Beijing, September 4 (Reporter Zhang Ni) The reporter learned from the 2020 National Cyber ​​Security Promotion Week press conference that the 2020 National Cyber ​​Security Promotion Week will be held nationwide from September 14 to 20. Held uniformly within the scope.

This year's Cybersecurity Week will take into account the needs of epidemic prevention and control, focus on online publicity, and adopt a combination of online and offline methods to carry out a series of publicity and education activities.

On the 4th, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China held a press conference for the 2020 National Cyber ​​Security Promotion Week in Beijing.

Photo by Zhang Ni from China News Service

  On the 4th, the 2020 National Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week press conference was held in Beijing. At the conference, the overall situation of Cyber ​​Security Week and the progress of preparations were introduced.

  In accordance with the "National Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week Activity Plan" jointly issued by the Central Cyberspace Administration and other six departments in 2016, the Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week is held in the third week of September each year. The purpose is to conduct extensive cyber security publicity and education and strengthen the social network. Safety awareness, improve the safety protection skills of the majority of netizens, and create a healthy and civilized network environment.

  The National Cyber ​​Security Promotion Week 2020 is jointly organized by the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the People's Bank of China, the State Administration of Radio and Television, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the All-China Women's Federation. Hold.

  Cybersecurity Week will be launched in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country from September 14th to 20th. Important events such as the summit forum will be held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

The theme of this year's event is: network security for the people, network security depends on the people.

  The reporter learned from the meeting that this year’s Cybersecurity Week will combine the needs of epidemic prevention and control, focus on online publicity, combine online and offline, through cloud exhibitions, online forums, virtual classrooms, online answering questions, webcast rooms, etc. In various ways, we have mobilized the extensive participation of cybersecurity and informatization enterprises, media, social organizations, and the masses, and carried out in-depth publicity and education activities.

  The main content of this year's Cybersecurity Week includes cybersecurity summit forums, digital exhibitions, theme evenings, and national knowledge contests.

  The Cyber ​​Security Summit Forum will be held in Zhengzhou on September 14th. More than ten academicians and experts in the field of cyber security, Internet and cyber security corporate leaders will be invited to discuss building a benign ecosystem of cyber security personnel training, technological innovation, and industrial development.

  In addition, during Cybersecurity Week, 11 sub-forums will be held online and offline around topics such as APP personal information protection, cyber security standards, cyber security industry innovation and development, cyber literacy education, and youth cyber security.

  This year, Net Security Week will also set up a digital virtual exhibition hall on the Internet to provide netizens with an intuitive and vivid online visit experience.

The pavilion is a showcase for major achievements, the latest products and technological achievements in the field of network security. This year, more than 100 well-known Internet and network security companies will participate.

  The special program of Net Security Week is the first event launched since Net Security Week, organized by Henan Provincial People's Government and undertaken by Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government.

The special program focuses on network security hot topics that have been widely concerned by the society in recent years, and visually and vividly publicizes network security knowledge through sitcoms and on-site release of typical cases.

  In addition, this year’s Cybersecurity Week will also hold a series of theme days such as Campus Day, Telecommunications Day, Rule of Law Day, Finance Day, Youth Day, and Personal Information Protection Day. In addition, there will also be online dialogues and the "Strong Net Cup". A series of activities such as the cyber security challenge and the collection of cyber security micro-classes.