Pascal Vivier, co-manager of The Wizard's shop, a boutique dedicated to the world of Harry Potter.


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“You could say it's a big success.

We didn't expect that, given the context.

Pascal Vivier is delighted.

Three months after opening The Wizard's shop, a pop-up store dedicated to the Harry Potter universe, customer demand is such that he decides to extend the adventure a little more.

“We were supposed to close in early September.

We will finally stay until December 26, ”proudly announces the co-manager of the pop-up store located on rue Boileau, in downtown Nantes.

After having already tried the experience in the summer of 2019, the two-storey store has seen its footfall increase by 30% this year.

“We have a family audience that comes from all over the region,” explains Pascal Vivier.

They make the Machines [of the island] and our shop.

Many rediscovered the

Harry Potter


on television during the lockdown.

We also have fans, of all ages, who have come maybe twenty times since June.

They are looking for new things.

That's why we try to have the widest possible range of references and always a minimum of stock.


Accessories and high-end

Figurines, mugs, chopsticks, diaries, games, bags… Some 900 references to the glory of the young wizard of Hogwarts and his universe are offered at The Wizard's shop.

"We have imported products that are difficult to find elsewhere," says Pascal Vivier.

There are even some high-end products intended for the most spendthrift collectors.

Like this Nimbus 2000 broom (310 euros), Lucius Malfoy's wooden wand (110 euros) or this quidditch-themed chessboard (269 euros).

The pop-up store is open Monday to Saturday, until 7 p.m.


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