The party meeting of the city center will be whistled at 3 pm in Ouluhalli.

Due to Korona, the meeting is held at the same time all over Finland by remote connections.

The election of the chairman, in which Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko (center) is a favorite, will be held tomorrow, Saturday.

But the appearance of Ouluhalli can be described as inconsolable even if you anticipate it.

Only the official representatives of the Northern Ostrobothnia district of the city center and, of course, the party's presidential candidates and party leadership will enter the massive hall (161,000 cubic meters).

Everything is compartmentalized into its own blocks.

Although Northern Ostrobothnia is the largest and most spectacular of the city center's districts, the five hundred official representatives, still divided into departments, are not a lofty sight in the giant hall that rubs its void.

Especially from the point of view that, in general, the party meeting in the center has been compared in size to the meeting in the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China.

The landscape illustrates the current lousy support of the city center.

A record number of official, voting representatives have still reported to the party meeting - as many as 2,400.

There is a heated debate inside the center, where so many official representatives were suddenly found.

It was originally believed that the number would be well below two thousand.

Doubts about legality are also hovering around the meeting.

For example, Paavo Väyrynen has demanded that the legality of proxies be verified.

One moment of tension is also how many of the official representatives will eventually show up to the boring districts to use their credentials.

From the Korona areas of Kainuu, on the other hand, you can even vote from home.

The party meeting of the Center Party will also decide on what leg and enthusiasm the party will continue in the government led by Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd).

The question is, in particular, whether the Center will be able to meet its economic and employment objectives in the budget debate that will take place in just over a week's time.

If the Center Elite's wish to make Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saariko the chairman of the (Central) Party comes true, Marini will not have an emergency day.

It has also sparked a debate that Saarikko has promised Minister of Finance Matti Vanhanen (center) that he will be able to continue in his position for as long as he wants.

Normally, the party chairman takes first place in the ministerial group.

A pair of Saarikko and Vanhanen (center) would guarantee that the center would not leave the government even if it wears out.

It is different with regard to Katri Kulmun (center), who is fighting for his place, and Petri Honkonen, vice-chairman (center).

On Tuesday, both of them used a tougher language than Saarikko in Ilta-Sanomat's presidency exam.

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My eyebrows would not have wanted Antti Rinte (sd) to join the government in the second spring at all.

Honkonen, on the other hand, can threaten no matter how hard when he knows that he will not be chosen.

A small majority of central influencers are in favor of leaving the government if the employment target is not met, says the IS survey:

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The presidential election will therefore take place on Saturday.

There are probably two laps ahead.

Ilta-Sanomat's survey of district influencers also says (IS 3.9.) That we are likely to go to the second round.

55 percent of the respondents said they supported Saarikko.

My eyebrows received 31 percent support and 12 percent of respondents support Petri Honko.

Entrepreneur Ilkka Tiainen received 3% support.

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In any case, the choice is clear no later than Saturday night.

Or at least it should be.

But one thing is all the more certain.

A lot of this party meeting is divided into a tooth hole, and the center may not go very united in the spring municipal election battle.

Or at least it requires miraculous action from the new President.