We put together the autumn trends, which were presented on stage and had time to be seen in street fashion.

This is what fashion will look like in the coming months.


The funny details are now patches.

The whole garment is created from patches of different colors and sizes, and there is no need to worry about symmetry now.

Puff sleeves

The best sleeves of 2020?

Well, of course you talked.

Plush sleeves can be seen in dresses, blouses and knitwear.


The fringe is one of the most visible elements this year.

No garment or accessory will be dull if it has fringes.


The collars are now allowed to be eye-catching.

Style doesn’t matter as long as size can be found.

Multicolored pants

Above the fashion influences, two-colored beam-split trousers have begun to be seen.

If you come across an eye-catching pair in the pants department of a clothing store, you know it’s a causal trend.

Doll-like dresses

You won't find this more comfortable dress!

In this model, the hem may be short or long, depending on the taste, as long as the model is fair and casual ruffled.


Loose and masculine pants suit took over the stylish wardrobes a couple of seasons ago.

Casually landing trouser suits were suddenly seen everywhere.

Now they are followed by a two-piece skirt suit.


Do you need light and glow for your autumn style?

Try sequins on a daily basis.

A low-key and gestureless, perhaps light-colored sequin garment looks lovely combined with an otherwise casual outfit.

Knee-length boots

This fall’s must-shoes are knee-length boots.

Choose yours in black, beige, brown or bolder and dress them over your legs.

Pairing with dresses and skirts also looks wonderful!

And as sugar on the bottom: all beige

The whole trend continues.

When I live in just shades of beige, nude, light brown and cream, elegance is guaranteed.

Photos: MVPhotos

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