A sex doll manufacturing company on February 1, 2018, in Dalian, China.



Several sex doll sellers have observed a sharp increase in their activity during the lockdown in Australia.

Some manufacturers have thus seen the number of their weekly orders doubled compared to the period before the pandemic.

The phenomenon began in March, according to an employee of sex toy specialist Cherry Banana interviewed by 



Since then, his company has sold between 20 and 25 copies of his Cherry Doll model each month.

At Sex Doll Australia, "we recorded an increase in sales of 30 to 40%", testifies a manager.

“It started around May and it continues.


New types of customers

Coronavirus pandemic requires, purchases are made online and the dolls are delivered to customers' homes.

But the Covid-19 has severely disrupted the activity of carriers and the delivery times of goods have lengthened, particularly for international shipments.

For the same reasons, traders have experienced supply problems.

The profile of clients has also changed.

"New trends are a husband who buys a doll with his wife, for him," says one at Sex Doll Australia.

“Or a married couple together buying a doll for each of them.

And also a marked increase in the number of women buying male dolls for them.



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