In his biography of Kale (Otava) published on Wednesday, Kalervo Kummola, the former chairman of the Finnish Hockey Association and Finland's most important hockey player of all time, also took a stand on the heated situations of autumn 2004, ending Raimo Summanen's work as head coach

Summanen was fired shortly after Finland reached second place in the tough World Cup in North America.

Ilta-Sanomat will prominently report on Kummola's views from autumn 2004 on Wednesday.

Kummola states that when the possible continuation of the negotiations with Summanen during the autumn was twisted, this would have required a harder salary due to the windy nature of the wash.

Summanen, who refused to interview the author of the book Jari Kork after a long deliberation, contacted Ilta-Sanomat on Thursday and wanted to share his own views on events about 16 years ago.

- I would definitely like to make it clear that money did not play any major role when the situation was negotiated in 2004.

Instead, there was a completely different thing above the others.

In the book, Kummola says that Summanen was not satisfied with receiving a coaching contract in 2003 when he signed his background group on behalf of the Hockey Association, and could not assemble it himself.

Summanen fully confirms Kummola's view, and during the World Cup, for example, the situation between him and part of the background group became badly inflamed.

- In the big picture, I only wanted this one thing in those negotiations: the right to assemble my own background group, ie the most important group of my creditors, from start to finish.

It was my own mistake to accept the 2003 agreement, in which I did not receive this right in writing, and I take responsibility for it.

I then orally came to the conclusion that it would be possible to change the background group according to the situation, but unfortunately it was not agreed in writing.

Summanen says that he arrived in Finland from the World Cup because of his uncertain position, because the Finnish media had e.g.

At Kummola's mouth and anonymously during the tournament, speculated about the future of his employment.

- I would have liked this to not be done in the middle of a tournament.

Such disruption effects have always, with all honor, always been called into question by A-national team activities.

Ice Hockey says among other party's long-term menestystandemin Summanen the delegating ie Erkka Westerlund's World Cup stadium as coach.

From the point of view, Summanen only admits Westerlund's location.

Joker head coach Erkka Westerlund (left) and Avangard Omsk leader Raimo Summanen shared their opinions about the teams just finished in 2014.Photo: Juhani Niiranen

- However, it had already been agreed in advance in the joint venture, because the benefits of Erka for the team were made more fully available in the auditorium than in the exchange: analytical and perceptual skills.

The stunning Summanen also raises Kummola's long-time friend, the writer-screenwriter Lasse Lehtinen, who also worked as a book reader.

In the book, Lehtinen says that he gave Summanen performance coaching at the request of the Hockey Association, in which “learning anger management” would have played a significant part.

- Quite an interesting text from Lehtinen in that the training was originally my own idea.

Of the joint sessions, I do not recognize the anger management aspect.

I wanted training for the entire gang, above all because it would have helped every shoemaker learn to stay on top.

So I would talk about team play and coaching, Kale alliance big lines and tournament arrangements and so on.

That is, not everyone would talk about all things in public.

Summanen emphasizes that his relationship with the author, Korkk, Lehtinen or Kummola, is not hostile at any level.

- I wanted to comment on these allegations from my point of view in a completely factual way.