Alfa Romeo's formula hero Kimi Räikkönen left behind both crisis drivers Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari in the Belgian GP last weekend.

However, the 12th place in the favorite track Spa was not satisfying for Räikkö, as the World Championship points pot still did not open.

For the race weekend in Monza, Italy, this weekend, the Finn will challenge the stable even more.

- This track is completely different from the previous one.

We can’t be completely happy because we still don’t get points from the races.

We have improved in some areas, but there is still work to be done in many areas, Räikkönen said.

- We are certainly not on our strongest such fast-paced lines.

It’s easier for us on lines where the power source doesn’t matter so much.

In his F1 career, Räikkönen has risen four times to the podium at Monza's prestigious motor sanctuary.

Non-audience may stand out this year, especially in Monza, which is, as usual, crammed full of fanatical Italian supporters.

- It will definitely be different, but it has been everywhere we have been.

There are always a lot of fans there, wherever we go, but here the supporters still support all the drivers, Räikkönen said.

After Monza, the F1 season continues with a specialty, with F1 cars racing for the first time on the Mugello track in the Tuscan gp.

Mugello's track is familiar to Räikkönen from the tests run on McLaren and Ferrari, and he expects the same charm of speed as from Monza.

- That track was really fast already when I did my first F1 test there.

No, I haven't driven it on a simulator.