The Local Police of Siero, in Asturias, has resolved the disappearance of a woman of Argentine origin whose track was lost in León

25 years ago


His identity, they have confirmed, coincided with that of the 68-year-old woman found last weekend sitting on the floor of her home in the urbanization of La Fresneda disoriented and dehydrated.

The woman's family had denounced in 1995 the "sudden abandonment" of the woman when she resided in León and, throughout these twenty-five years, investigators have followed

various hypotheses

about her whereabouts.

Among other clues, the possibility that she had drowned after the discovery of the body of a woman on the Cantabrian coast in 2001 was considered, but the DNA analysis allowed to rule out that it was the disappeared in León.

The superior chief of Police of Asturias, Luisa María Benvenuty, explained to questions from the media that the family withdrew the complaint for the disappearance and reactivated it this year.

"The lady is admitted and evolving favorably," he added.

The process

The residents of the La Fresneda urbanization, in Siero, this past weekend alerted the Local Police that they had

not seen one of their neighbors who lived alone for

several days


The agents went to the house last Saturday around 8:40 a.m. and had to force one of the windows so that the doctors of the Principality's Health Service could access the interior since the property was locked from the inside.

The Police were able to verify that the woman was conscious, sitting on the ground, unable to move,


and with a picture of acute dehydration, as reported on Tuesday by the Siero City Council.

She was transferred in an ambulance from the Principality Health Service to the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA), where she remains admitted with a reserved prognosis.

Her case has been communicated to the Social Services of the Siero City Council for follow-up and assistance.

The agents tried to obtain information about the identity of the woman, but her disoriented state prevented them.

They had to carry out numerous steps to try to locate their closest relatives but, finally, they managed to identify the


woman who responds to the initials of


, who is not listed as registered in Siero.

Her relatives have personally thanked this Tuesday the effort of the Local Police that in coordination with the National Police have managed to rescue the woman alive and decipher the mystery of her disappearance.

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