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I see an elephant next to the road.

They don't run away from people, they keep hovering around.

The elephant was a mother elephant who could not leave the side of the baby that had already died.

The baby was hit by a running car while crossing the road and was roadkilled.

When you look at the crashed car, the front part is completely distorted.

The baby elephant had to receive this power, and eventually died.

The mother elephant wanders next to the baby as if not accepting the baby's death, and even makes a gesture to wake it up by shaking it.

Even while the police mobilized and moved the baby's body, the mother looked around and didn't know what to do.

When the probation was delayed, the police eventually had to fire a warning fire at the sky and return the mother to the forest.

Netizens said, "After all, the love of children is the same as people and animals." "If I see an elephant on the road, I hope that I can wait patiently." And responded.

(Screen source: Twitter Orang Kota-Tinggi)