The Ministry of Health will hold weekly meetings with the Community of Madrid and the two regions that are most affected by Madrid infections, which are Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León.

Minister Salvador Illa met today, late in the afternoon, with the Health Councilors of the three autonomies and agreed with them to "coordinate actions against the virus", since infections have risen sharply in recent weeks in these three territories, especially in Madrid.

Health reported 3,663 cases of coronavirus diagnosed in the last 24 hours on Wednesday.

Of these, 56 correspond to Castilla-La Mancha, 72 to Castilla y León and 1,362 to Madrid.

These figures give the measure of the importance for the two Castiles to prevent their great interaction with Madrid from causing an increase in cases, as happened in the moments prior to the state of alarm.

It was Castilla-La Mancha that proposed that, from now on, weekly meetings of the three autonomies be held, and Madrid and Castilla y León accepted.

"It is a matter of coordinating, of seeing the evolution of the data and what impact mobility and the connection between the territories have on this evolution of the data", explain sources from the government chaired by Emiliano García-Page.

In addition, the two Castillas conveyed the need to take more restrictive measures in some localities or regions, and Madrid agreed.

There was some harmony.

Sources from the Castilian-Leon Board assure that the meeting was not in any case an indication or a "lynching" to the Community of Madrid, but an attempt to improve synergies between the regions, with the coordination of the Ministry.

Something that the PP asks at the national level, and not only for these three autonomies.

Page was the one who asked for more supervision, and Mañueco and Díaz Ayuso accepted

But the government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the national leadership of the


do believe that "Madrid has always been an obsession for Sánchez."

This was stated yesterday by Pablo Casado, referring to the attacks by the Government on the Diaz Ayuso Executive, which he believes is "the counterpoint and the alternative" to the policies of the national Executive.

The concern in Castilla-La Mancha (whose government is the PSOE) and Castilla y León (where there is a coalition of PP and Cs) about the spread of the virus in their territories is based on their own experience.

The La Mancha government links 75% of the outbreaks that have had this summer with citizens of Madrid.

And he assures that he has multiplied by six the number of recipes to Madrid people.

In Castilla y León, the latest official data show that in July there were more infected from Madrid than in March.

The president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, already warned before the summer that "there are communities that need a limitation of movements of people between provinces and between autonomous communities."

And "if epidemiological evolution demands it", he is in favor of restrictions on mobility.

The Minister of Equality and spokesperson for the Executive of Castilla-La Mancha, Blanca Fernández, who pointed out that all these infections have been related "directly or indirectly" with inhabitants of Madrid, who spend the summer or have visited that community.

That is why he considered the agreed "permanent coordination" "essential".

Just yesterday, the central Executive warned that all the commitments acquired in the Conferences of Presidents and the Inter-territorial Councils of the National Health System had to be fulfilled "to the letter", because, the spokesperson María Jesús Montero assured without citing Madrid, it affects 'bordering' regions.

From Castilla-La Mancha they complain that Ayuso is not adopting "tough" measures, which was the last region to force the general use of masks, that they do not have trackers and do not control public transport.

And that they, in many cities like Toledo, with fewer inhabitants than Móstoles, have imposed more restrictions than Madrid.

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