The Coalition Party is using the opposition's toughest weapon, the interlocutory issue, after the budget dispute.

At this stage, however, the Coalition is only threatening the government with an intermediate question.

According to the chairman of the Coalition Party, Petteri Orpo, the Coalition Party will draw up an interlocutory question if the government does not update its program in the budget debate in two weeks and makes decisions on 120,000 new jobs.

The government plans to make decisions about 30,000 new jobs in the fall, so the measure set by the Coalition will hardly vibrate after the riot.

- The government program is not from this world, Orpo said.

The Coalition Party's deputy chairman Sanni Grahn-Laasonen said that Finland is drifting into a co-operation spiral that cannot be explained only by a corona.

- Finnair, SSAB, Metso, Outotec, today Tallink, UPM, Swissport Finland, Lapland's largest tourism group.

The list is unfortunately long.

The outlook for the future is exceptionally blurred, and it is not facilitated that the country's government is constantly presenting its ideological proposals to tighten corporate taxation, among other things.

- In addition to all this, the government and the Prime Minister have taken an attitude towards employment companies that does not take Finland's common cause forward.

In particular, the Prime Minister does not want to understand how companies operate and where Finland's well-being arises, Grahn-Laasonen rebuked Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd), who has criticized UPM for the decision to close the Kaipola plant.

- Autumn looks really serious, crying will be heard from many, many homes this autumn, Orpo accompanied.

According to Orpo, the Coalition Party would, among other things, remove the pension pipeline, stagger earnings-related unemployment security, restore the household deduction, reduce taxation on work and entrepreneurship, and shift the focus to environmental and harm taxes.

Kai Mykkänen, Chairman of the Coalition Party's parliamentary group, demanded an “honest document” from the government after the budget debate, which shows how the government has changed its program.

- We are now in a situation of uncertainty, when the government itself does not believe in its current program.

No one is talking about fiscal balance anymore in 2023, and the government is no longer aiming for an employment rate of 75%.

One may ask, from the point of view of parliamentarism, whether it is right for a government that rests on the confidence given to the official program to put into practice another program that admits that the goal of the official program is not being reached.