Swedish pole vault sensation Armand Duplantis showed great excitement at the pole vault show competition in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Duplantis stunned the audience at the race venue built in the city center, surpassing 607 with its first attempt.

The result is Duplantis' new outdoor track record.

The race ended prematurely due to the darkness.

Duplantis once again tried a new ME reading of the outdoor tracks of 615, but after the drop decided not to continue the race in a poorly lit race venue.

- This was a crazy race, 20-year-old Duplantis fumbled with the winner in an interview.

The Swedish-American team record was jumped to 618 last winter. Duplantis will not take part in the Finland-Sweden athletics international match in Tampere this weekend.

U.S. Sam Kendricks crossed 602 and was second in the race.

The Lausanne pole bridge became a full Swedish celebration, as Angelica Bengtsson won the women's competition with a result of 472.