The Eurovision Song Contest was scheduled for 12-16 this year in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


In March, however, the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) announced that it had made a difficult decision to cancel the event.

The EBU later announced that this year’s visa duplicates could not be used at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest due to competition rules.

However, countries could send their representatives to Eurovision this year if they present a different song.

Aksel Kankaanranta was chosen as Finland's visa representative at the beginning of the year with his song Looking Back.

According to the rules, Kankaanranta could have participated as Finland's representative if he had performed a different song in future visas.

YLE, which is organizing the New Music competition, is now announcing that the application for next year's UMK will be open.

Competitors' selections will be made by Yle's panel of music professionals, not specified in more detail in the press release, which will be chaired by YleX's music manager Tapio Hakanen.

- UMK offers all artists the opportunity to rise to a new level in their careers, as well as songwriters the opportunity to have their songs heard by 180 million people.

I look forward to what a great table setting will be this year, Hakanen says.

The release does not mention Kankaanranta's share of the upcoming competition.

UMK21 competitors will be unveiled in January, and the visa winner will be selected in the final on February 20th.

The press release also states that, for the first time, a round prize for the winner of the UMK is also planned.

A competition has been organized for the design of the award, in which you can participate by submitting an illustrative plan for the award with production cost estimates.

According to Yle, the prize for the pre-qualification will be made by a professional jury, and the public will be able to vote for the works selected by the jury.

The winning plan will be announced during the autumn, and the completed UMK award will be issued in early 2021. The winner will receive 3,000 euros.

The Eurovision Song Contest has been running for 64 years.

This is the first time in the history of the competition that it has to be canceled.

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 18 to 22 May 2021.