On Monday, Sweden announced their team for the Swedish-Finnish national athletics match in Tampere this weekend.

Among others, Daniel Ståhl, who is very popular in Finland due to his Finnish roots, Melwin Lycke Holm, a 15-year-old teenager in high jump, Kim Amb and long jumpers Khaddi Sagnia and Thobias Montler will be seen.

The entire Swedish team can be seen at the end of the article.

- I'm looking forward to a tough fight.

We have many first-timers on the adult team, but it’s also great to get world stars involved, Swedish team captain Karin Torneklint commented according to Aftonbladet.

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Sweden’s most famous missing athlete is one of the brightest stars in athletics, pole vaulter Armand Duplantis.

The 601 Swede, who jumped at his best this summer, announced over the weekend that he would focus on the end-of-season Diamond League races instead of the national match.

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The Swedish team's first-timers this summer have been particularly toned by second-generation high jumper Holm, who has broken the age records of his Olympic-gold father Stefan Holm and improved his outdoor track record by eight cents to 217 this summer.

Another interesting newer acquaintance is 17-year-old Oskar Edlund, who took the 400-meter authentic Swedish championship.

In mid-August, Melwin Lycke Holm rejoiced in the country championship on his Instagram account.

Holmi, 15, became the youngest athlete to win the Swedish championship ever.

Thobias Montler, who won the 2019 European Championships silver in indoor tracks in men's lengths, puts Finland's well-tuned tall men in combs.

Khaddi Sagnia, who competes in women's length in Tampere, has got a good jump after a serious injury.

The Instagram video below shows Sagnia’s fresh 675-cent GP race winning jump.

Clicking the arrow to the right will show a degree more acrobatic failed performance.

If the video does not appear, you can click on it here.

There has been turmoil in the western neighbor’s discus throwing circles due to a case of disruption to the country’s championships.

Axel Härstedt, who disturbed his opponents in the race, will be eliminated, and Sweden will be represented by Simon Pettersson, who has stalled 71.37 this season, in addition to Simon Pettersson and Jakob Gardenkrans, who has made an official complaint about Härstedt.

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The traditionally safest point machine in the Swedish match, the men’s javelin throw, is becoming a much more difficult venue this fall than usual.

The Finnish spear trio is best placed as the fourth on the world list with a result of 86.49 staying with Kim Amb.

The other two Swedish throwers are Sebastian Thörngren and Esa Hiltunen.

Lassi Etelätalo's domestic top throw of 82.20 is enough instead of world statistics 15.

In addition to Etelätalo, Finland is represented in the men's spear race by Toni Kuusela and Antti Ruuskanen.

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Swedish teams for the weekend international match



Nikki Anderberg

Daniella Busk

Wilma Rosenquist


Moa Hjelmer

Lisa Lilja

Elvira Tanderud


Moa Hjelmer

Sandra Knezevic

Klara Helander


Lovisa Lindh

Rebecca Högberg

Alice Magnell Millán


Meraf Bahta

Hanna Hermansson

Sara Christiansson


Sara Christiansson

City Söderholm

Cecilia Norrbom


Cecilia Norrbom

Charlotta Fougberg

One athlete will be named later

3,000m hurdles

City Söderholm

Amélie Svensson

Julia Samuelsson

100m fence

Lovisa Karlsson

Julia Wennersten

Amanda Holmberg

400m fence

Hanna Palmqvist

Amanda Holmberg

Lovisa Linde


Sofie Skoog

Bianca Salming

Ellen Ekholm


Michaela Meijer

Angelica Bengtsson

Linnea Jönsson


Khaddi Sagnia

Erica Jarder

Tilde Johansson

Triple jump

Rebecka Abrahamsson

Maja Åskag

Malin Otterling Marmbrandt


Fanny Roos

Axelina Johansson

Frida Åkerström


Vanessa Kamga

Emma Ljungberg

Fanny Roos


Ida Storm

Tracey Andersson

Grete Ahlberg


Sofi Flink

Matilda Elfgaard

Elisabeth Lithell


Lovisa Karlsson

Tuvalisa Rosenquist

Klara Rådbo



Tom Kling-Baptiste

Thomas Jones

Zion Eriksson


Tom Kling-Baptiste

Anders Pihlblad

Erik Annerfalk


Nick Ekelund-Arenander

Emil Johansson

Kasper Kadestål


Andreas Kramer

Erik Martinsson

Felix Francois


Johan Rogestedt

Suldan Hassan

Samuel Pihlström


Emil Danielsson

Jonathan Fridolfsson

Vidar Johansson


Emil Millán de la Oliva

Mikael Ekvall

One athlete will be named later

3000m obstacles

Simon Sundström

Emil Blomberg

Vidar Johansson

110m fence

Max Hrelja

Marvin Tay

Anton Levin

400m fence

Oskar Edlund

Carl Bengtström

Johan Claeson


Melwin Lycke Holm

Oskar Lundqvist

Emil Uhlin


Carl Sténson

Robin Jacobsson

Gustav Magnusson


Thobias Montler

Andreas Carlsson

Andreas Otterling

Triple jump

Jesper Hellström

Isak Persson

Erik Ehrlin


Wictor Petersson

Viktor Gardenkrans

Jesper Arbinge


Daniel Ståhl

Simon Pettersson

Jakob Gardenkrans


Ragnar Carlsson

Oscar Vestlund

Ivar Moisander


Kim Amb

Sebastian Thörngren

Esa Hiltunen


Fredrik Samuelsson

Marcus Nilsson

Andreas Gustafsson

10,000 m

Perseus Karlström


Remo Karlström

Christer Svensson