Beer, banana, milk and frying point rice pie.

These are the best-selling products in the S Group's grocery stores, we told in August in a story listing the most purchased supermarket products in large chains in terms of number of items.

The same products can also be found in the K-Group's list of best-selling products.

Lidl does not publicly provide exact lists of its best-selling products, but from there Ilta-Sanomat was told that one of them is the oatmeal core of a baking point.

Frying point products are popular in all large chains.

This autumn, they have also received a lot of new products.

We asked the S Group, the K Group and Lidl which frying point products sell the most and what kind of new products are now available at frying points.

Croissants, pies and buns

Last week we told about the novelty that came to the S Group's stores, which even dared to battle a competitor of the ever-hit, Karelian pie.

If you look at the S Group's fresh list of best-selling frying point products, it has lived up to expectations, at least for the time being.

Bakery Rosten's Rostis is now ranked twoth best-selling product.

Time will tell if its popularity will remain the same.

In addition to rice pie, the best-selling frying point products on the S Group's and K Group's lists include croissants, pies and buns.

Lidl’s communications say that in addition to oat kernels that have gained a “cult reputation,” the most popular products are rice pies and baguettes.

In addition, whole breads from baking points have grown in popularity.

Of the sweet products, domestic donuts, stuffed buns and ear hangers are the best sellers.

Of the foreign products, the most bought at Lidl's baking point are donuts and newly added chocolate cookies.

Order according to S Group's sold songs in week 35/2020:

  • Rainbow Rice Pie

  • Leipomo Rosten Oy: Rostis

  • Rainbow Voicroissant

  • Domestic Meat Pasta

  • Fazer Rye Imatra Rice Pie

  • Rainbow apple counter dish

  • Vaasa vanilla wiener

  • Rainbow lemon cream cheese wiener

  • Pielispakari potato pie

  • Domestic Ear Tree

  • The 10 most popular products in the K-Group's frying points in random order:

    • Pirkka plush pieces

    • Fazer Berlin worker

    • Pirkka voicroissant

    • Fazer rye rice pie

    • Snack garlic butter stick

    • Fazer dallaspulla

    • Buy rye loaf

    • Fazer with butter eye puff

    • Vaasa feta cheese triangle

    • Fazer Omar monk

    Lots of new products

    The S Group says that in addition to Rostis, frying points have another new product that has become popular.

    - The Fazer London grain monk, which can already be said to be a hit, reports on the S Group's communications.

    The London granule monk is also a popular novelty. Photo:

    Other new ones include the Primula Artesaani series of sour root bread and oat baguette.

    In addition, Fazer's Rowan Star Cake is coming in October.

    During September, a new concept of big breads will be launched at Lidl at the baking point, and trade communications will be announced.

    New products are domestic breads bearing the name Murunen.

    There are four new breads in the series: Oat Bread, Levai Sour Root Bread, Seed Spiral and Olive Cheese Bread.

    The K-Group has a long list of new frying point products for the autumn.

    Just about all of the products listed below may not yet be available, but are coming to the roasting points during the fall and late year:

    • Pirkka Best rye bread 100%

    • Vaasa rustic sour root bread

    • Pirkka oatmeal 100%

    • Fazer Unhurried sour root baton

    • Fazer Unhurried party lamp

    • Pirkka seasoning bag

    • Primula sour root roll

    • Pirkka spicy ham spiral

    • Pirkka pestokierre

    • Mill Best calzone ham cheese

    • Pirkka bacon pie

    • Pirkka The best Karelian pie

    • Dennis little pizza with ham and pineapple

    • Dennis pizza with honey and paprika

    • Vaasa's captivating toffee bag

    • Mill with the best caramel cranberry finish

    • Monks with a gingerbread

    Gingerbread has one of the newcomers of autumn. Photo:

    • Trube with apple and salt candy bun

    • SBS chocolate cinnamon wiener

    • Pirkka processed cheese reindeer star cake

    • BS milk choco dream donut

    • Fazer oven apple donut

    Sources: S Group, K Group and Lidl

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