NY Stock Market Dow Average Stock Price Rise September 2 5:30

The New York Stock Exchange Dow Average stock price has risen on the 1st.

The closing price of the New York Stock Market Dow Average stock price on the day was 28,645.66 cents, higher by 215.61 cents compared to the previous day.

While the selling order was to secure profits for the time being, price increases centered on IT-related stocks supported the market.

Among them, Apple has raised its price significantly in response to a report that it will mass produce models compatible with the new communication standard, 5G, around the new mobile phone terminal announced this fall, and it is also an optimistic view of the future of the economy I was connected.

In addition, the retail giant Wal-Mart also rose significantly.

The stock index of Nasdaq, which has a lot of IT-related stocks, has been renewing the highest price on this day.

Market officials say, "Dow's average stock price has risen $2,000 in the month of August, and there is a movement to settle profits, but there is still a strong desire to invest in IT-related stocks." ..