The Swedish brothers, who were suspected of shooting in Porvoo, remained silent during the interrogations.

This is evident from the preliminary investigation material, which became public on Tuesday.

Granholm's brothers are suspected of, among other things, 13 attempted murders.

The younger of the brothers, Raymond Granholm, 26, already refused to answer questions at the first interrogation regarding the police shootings in Porvoo and the fact that he was suspected of attempted police murder.

He also did not want to tell about the events in Tampere and the chase that led to his arrest.

The man also did not answer the question about when he arrived in Finland.

The same line continued in subsequent interrogations.

The police repeatedly write in the interrogation report how the man was silent when asked about the events, his family in Sweden and Finland and when he arrived in Finland.

Men suspected of serious crimes were recorded in the camera of a police car. Photo: Police - Preliminary investigation material

At the third and fourth interrogations, the man agreed to identify items found in the escape truck, such as clothing.

However, the man refused to talk about events in Porvoo and Tampere.

- Do you want to tell in your own words what happened on August 24-25?

the interrogator asks.

- I'm not talking about it, man replies.

- Don't you want to talk about events?

the interrogator asks.

- En.

- A bulletproof vest was taken from a Volvo (a car used by men) that had been taken from a police car in Porvoo.

What can you tell us about it?

- I'm not talking about it either.

Car used by the suspects.Photo: Police pre-trial material

Even later, the man agrees to answer only a few questions.

Has he googled a trip from Porvoo to Pirkanmaa?


It was difficult for the brothers to get the police to the right place?

It wasn't him who spoke.

Will he continue not to answer questions?


The older brother Richard Granholm, 31, was almost as silent.

He also refused to comment on the events in Porvoo and Tampere or answer questions about his family or when and why he arrived in Finland.

Like his brother, he agreed to identify the goods found in Volvo.

The size 43 shoes are his, the brown backpack he doesn’t recognize, the gun oil is his and he wonders if he can still get it back.

“To make it clear, a backpack with items containing your DNA has been found at the scene and pistols and a bulletproof vest (taken from a police car) were found where you were caught,” the interrogator says.

- One plus one is two, the man answers.

Picture of a pistol suspected of being used in crimes.Photo: Police pre-trial material

As for the air rifle, the man says he does not comment on whether it was used in connection with the suspected robbery.

- Air rifles have nothing to do with anything, I have personally had to shoot birds, so you mean air rifles, it has to shoot birds.

The man also criticized the police, implying that the police would not actually be against the evidence.

Otherwise, the man either didn’t remember things or wanted to answer questions.