Afghanistan: government resumes liberation of Taliban

Taliban released on August 13 cross the Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul.

National Security Council of Afghanistan / Handout via REUTERS

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So far, Kabul had already released nearly 5,000 prisoners but refused to release the last 320 accused of serious crimes.

This latest wave of liberation is hailed by the insurgent group.

It could pave the way for inter-Afghan peace talks.


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The Taliban awaited these releases on a firm footing.

Announced in early August, it therefore took less than a month for the Afghan authorities to open the doors of their jails and let out these hundreds of insurgents.

Their release is part of a large

prisoner exchange



Kabul has long resisted.

There is no question of giving in to blackmail and freeing the most dangerous detainees, some of whom have even killed foreigners, especially

French people.

But ultimately, the Afghan government accepts the Taliban's terms because the stakes are crucial.

Kabul wants to turn the page on several years of war.


 These releases are a positive step forward paving the way for the start of inter-Afghan talks

 ," Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told AFP.

If these

often postponed

peace talks

finally see the light of day, it could also pave the way for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan as promised by Washington.

The United States even mentioned a date: June 2021.

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