WhatsApp is testing a number of new features for its popular messaging app, and it is working on making adjustments to get rid of some weaknesses, from dark mode to animated stickers, but what will happen next?

The site "WABetaInfo", which specializes in testing the latest beta versions, mentioned; WhatsApp is testing several features that the user may soon see.

Easier storage management

WhatsApp users face problems when their devices fill up with chats and pictures, but it seems that things will become more manageable with a new control panel dedicated to managing the amount of space the application and associated files occupy on your device.

The new dashboard will allow you to know the storage capacity currently used and the amount of free storage capacity, and it will also select large files, and it will also be possible to know the amount of space used in each chat.

Search for a poster

Stickers on WhatsApp are a fun way to liven up your conversations, and although you can choose to filter them by topic, it can sometimes be difficult to find one that sets exactly the right tone.

WhatsApp is testing a poster search tool that is easy to use and may take some time to appear because it will include adding searchable keywords to every sticker currently available for download.

Colorful conversations

The developers are working on a new feature that will allow you to set a custom background for each conversation, as this will help, for example, not to send a message to your parents instead of your friends.