An ultralight plane weighs less and thus avoids certain parts of the regulations that apply to heavier planes. In most cases, it is the Royal Swedish Aeor Club, KSAK, an umbrella organization for the country's motor aviation clubs, which investigates accidents with such planes.

Now the Accident Investigation Board will investigate who will investigate.

- In order for us to investigate ultralight aircraft, there must be special reasons, such as systematic shortcomings from a safety point of view, for example, says Helene Magnusson.

"See that it happens"

The Accident Investigation Board does not keep statistics on how many accidents have occurred with ultralight planes. That is the task of the Swedish Transport Agency.

- But we see that it happens and recently we have had at least three serious accidents with this type of aircraft, says Helene Magnusson.

"Completely different resources"

KSAK's Secretary General, Lars-Christer Andersson, hopes that the investigation will land on the Accident Investigation Board's table.

- They have completely different resources, he says.

The decision on who will investigate the accident is expected within the next few days.