Keep in mind the mission, focus on the goal of strengthening the military, adhere to the standards of combat effectiveness, and forge excellent soldiers to play a greater role in the effective performance of Macao's defense. ——Xi Jinping

  In the early morning glow, Grade 4 Sergeant Major Meng Weihua looked proud.

  He has just experienced an unforgettable moment in his military career-as the flag-raiser of the new port barracks of the troops stationed in Macau, he personally raised the bright five-star red flag on the August 1st Army Day this year.

  Hunting with the flag, witnessing the glory of a soldier.

  "The weight of the motherland in my heart is so much, and the land under our feet is so kind." Meng Weihua said, the flag rising from his hands made him truly feel the glory and responsibility of being a soldier in Australia.

  Hunting with the flag, witnessing the glory of a troop.

  On December 20, 2019, under the five-star red flag, Meng Weihua and his comrades accepted the review of President Xi. They witnessed the leadership style and listened to the command of the commander in person: We must comprehensively strengthen army building from a new starting point, comprehensively improve the ability to perform tasks, and make new and greater contributions to the successful practice of "one country, two systems" in Macau.

  Twenty years ago, officers and soldiers of the Army Garrison in Macao raised the bright five-star red flag here for the first time. Standing here, they represent the Chinese army; standing here, they represent China.

  The national flag is not only one of the symbols of the country's restoration of sovereignty over Macao, but also a special link connecting the officers and soldiers of the troops stationed in Macao with the citizens of Macao.

  The scene of the Taipa military camp is treasured in Meng Weihua's heart——

  The Macao Army and the Macao Special Administrative Region Government jointly organized the "Speaking Under the National Flag·2019 Macao Middle School Student Flagman Training Camp". More than 260 students from 30 Macao middle schools formed a camouflage square and raised a bright five-star red flag.

  "The troops stationed in Macau started training flag bearers for the Macau school in 2016, and I was the first to sign up." Meng Weihua said. In the past four years, he and his comrades have trained thousands of flag bearers for more than 60 schools.

  The Yingcai School affiliated to Macau Haojiang Middle School that President Xi inspected held a flag-raising ceremony every Monday. The flag bearer was trained by Meng Weihua and his comrades.

  On the eve of the International Children’s Day on June 1st in 2019, a pupil from the Yingcai School affiliated to Macau Haojiang Middle School wrote to Grandpa Xi: “The terrible Typhoon Hato made us dirty and messy. With your personal care, The uncles of the People's Liberation Army stationed in Macao were dispatched. With their help, Macao quickly restored cleanliness and order. Seeing the tiredness of the uncles of the People's Liberation Army, many people around were moved to cry, so we really understand the motherland. Meaning."

  The innocent words also deeply moved the officers and soldiers of the troops stationed in Macau.

  Time goes back to 3 years ago, when Macau was hit by Typhoon Hato. Heavy rains, sea water, trees dumped, many houses and shops were flooded, and the streets were in a mess.

  For the first time, the People's Army launched a post-disaster rescue operation in Hong Kong and Macau. The troops stationed in Macao moved on hearing the order, 15 minutes later the disaster relief detachment was dispatched, and 30 minutes later the officers and soldiers went into action.

  This disaster relief operation made Liu Han a "net celebrity" in charge of female college students.

  Muddy combat boots, camouflage uniforms, youthful and beautiful face... Guan Liu Han, who didn't care about eating, sat on the ground during the disaster relief period and gnawed apples on the Internet.

  The instructor said to Guan Liu Han: "It's not you who are on fire, but our troops stationed in Macau are on fire. It is the friendship between the troops stationed in Macau and the Macao compatriots."

  "Macao Daily" wrote in the editorial: The People's Liberation Army extended a helping hand to Macao, fully demonstrating the central government's care and support for the Macao SAR government and the general population, and it also reflects the love of Macao of the soldiers stationed in the army...This city has love. , You are the cutest people!

  "That year, that month, and that day, my team came to you. How deep and true the love is, and from then on sheltering you from wind and rain." "Macao Group Songs" created by officers and soldiers of the troops stationed in Macao, is Oath is more action.

  "It's nice to have you." When the troops stationed in Macao held an opening event for the barracks, citizens waved their national flags and immersed themselves in the melody of "Singing the Motherland".

  For this three-day barracks opening event, the garrison in Macau originally prepared 2,000 national flags, but found that they were not enough on the first day. They had to order 1,500 overnight and add another 1,000 the next day.

  The power of the national flag bears witness to the power of the human heart and the power of an army.

  "As the builders and defenders of the cause of'one country, two systems', we should play the role of the'Dinghai Shenzhen' to maintain the prosperity and stability of Macao." Sun Wenju, political commissar of the Army stationed in Macao said, "Dinghai Shenzhen" is the leader's entrustment and the people's expectations.

  What does a "fix" word depend on?

  "Rely on strength and ability." Xu Liangcai, the commander of the troops stationed in Macao, said that performing defense under "one country, two systems" requires not only strong political skills but also strong skills.

  Armed swimming, boating to grab beaches, diving assaults... This year, the troops stationed in Macao organized sea training for the first time, and a group of all-around elite soldiers came to the fore.

  Xu Chen, who played "full house," was the only soldier in the sharpshooter.

  Xu Chen said that it was the first time I walked into the Military History Museum and saw the picture of Chairman Xi aiming at the gun. I was very excited.

  On December 20, 2014, President Xi inspected the troops stationed in Macau. In the shooting simulation training room, President Xi was very happy to see everyone well trained and high morale. Before the laser simulation shooting system, President Xi took up his rifle and pistol to experience shooting methods with great interest, and pulled the trigger to hit the target.

  In the battle position, the commander personally took the mission on his shoulders. A commander with a strong mission will be able to pass the mission to the shoulders of every officer and soldier.

  In the depths of the picture where the commander and the soldier are "in the same frame" are the entrustment of mission and the call of dreams.

  "Charge, only charge." Zhu Yuxi, commander of the 2nd Infantry Battalion, took off his camouflage cap, her face was scorched by the sun and her white teeth were exposed. "We must race against time, train hard, and improve our skills. Live up to President Xi’s expectations."

  Victory is always the report word, and the charge is always ongoing.

  This is a solid mark of the actual combat training of the troops stationed in Macao in the past six years-

  In the streets of Macau, the "Spirit Dog" drills, for the first time, cooperated with the Macau security system to counter terrorism, further improving the ability to respond to threats in various security fields.

  In the jungle assault on the Malay Peninsula, he went out of the country for the first time and conducted joint military exercises with foreign troops. He demonstrated excellent combat literacy and was awarded the "Peace Mission" medal.

  The southern border area, joint exercises, organized border counter-terrorism with the Lao People’s Army for the first time, and the capabilities of joint planning, joint command, joint operations, and joint support have been comprehensively tested and improved.


  One by one, for the first time, it interprets the sonorous footprints of this young army keeping its mission and responsibilities in mind and pursuing dreams to strengthen the army, witnessing the wonderful moments when they listen to Jingcong and turn the command of the commander into force for training.

  "Every time we appear, it is a manifestation of our strength." Staring at the flag waving in the wind, Li Deming, a senior soldier in the 2nd Infantry Battalion, said. This year, in the half-year assessment of the troops stationed in Macao, he won the comprehensive ranking first and the first in three individual items. This college student soldier from Central South University has tempered the self-confidence of a "Haojiang Guardian".

  The self-confidence of a soldier reflects the self-confidence of an army, the self-confidence of a country, and the self-confidence of an era.

  The humiliation and pain in the past turned into waves and went away with the wind. Twenty years ago, the army stationed in Macau opened for the first time. An old man in his 60s said with tears: “On this land of Macau, we finally have our own army.”

  Now that they step into "their own army", Macao citizens feel more like homecoming.

  "It's a long journey in life. It's nice to meet you." On a colorful paper crane, there are 10 characters, each of which is the handwriting of 10 people. This is a gift from middle school students participating in the military summer camp to the instructors of the troops stationed in Macau.

  As night fell, opposite the Taipa camp, the neon was shining. On the other side of the road, there are busy and bustling traffic; on the other side of the road, it is solemn and holy, and the sentry is as tall as loose.

  They are the guardians and blessers of this prosperity.

  "Macao may not know my name, but it will always remember our youthful years of guarding Macao." Standing on the post, Sergeant Yang Yulong said proudly.

  The lofty mission depends on iron shoulders

  Garrison is an important symbol of a country's exercise of sovereignty. From the moment it performed the defense of Macao, the troops stationed in Macao always kept in mind the entrustment of the party and the people, resolutely implemented the "one country, two systems" policy, and successfully completed various defense tasks.

  Tie shoulders the mission, and writes loyalty. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the officers and soldiers of the troops stationed in Macao have thoroughly implemented Xi Jinping’s thought of strengthening the army, resolutely obeyed the commands of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and Chairman Xi, and made positive contributions to defending national sovereignty and safeguarding Macao’s prosperity and stability. The role has fully demonstrated the good image of a loyal, mighty, and civilized teacher.

  Strength is the most eye-catching business card, and ability is the most hard-core image. A good image of an army needs to be cultivated and shaped day after day; an excellent strength of an army needs to be tempered with bloody fighting spirit. Standing at a new historical starting point, only by keeping in mind the mission, focusing on the goal of a strong army, adhering to the standards of combat effectiveness, and forging a strong and talented soldier can we be a loyal guardian who can be assured by the party and the people and trusted by the people of Macao.

  ■Our reporter Liu Gang, Zhou Meng, Chen Dianhong, Xinhua News Agency reporter Mei Changwei