The daughter of Hollywood super couple Katy Perry, 35, and Orlando Bloom, 43, was born on Wednesday, August 26th.

The couple’s first common child was named Daisy Dove Bloom.

On Sunday, Katy Perry released an honest picture of her body just five days after giving birth.

On the same day, the MTV Video Music Awards gala was held in the United States, this time missed by the singer.

Stars tend to tag their hairdressers, make-up artists and stylists in their photos.

So does Katy Perry in her photo, where she poses in a bathroom in a nursing vest.

Perry jokingly wrote “exhaustion” as the creator of his hair and makeup.

Katy Perry posed in a nursing vest.Photo: Instagram / Katy Perry

Kary Perry is pictured with natural hair with a curl and no makeup.

She boldly presents her postpartum body.

At the VMA Gala in New York, USA, the best music videos, songs and authors of the year were awarded on Sunday.

The singer has attended an annual gala, which she also hosted in 2017. Perry attended the event for the first time in 2008 after the release of her debut album.

Katy Perry is known for her showy style.

Pictured star at a gig in Milan in 2011.Picture: MVphotos

The singer star spoke openly about her gestation, and fans were relentlessly waiting for the good news that was finally revealed last Wednesday.

However, the information about the newborn was told to the world in a somewhat exceptional way.

Usually, fresh parents share pictures of the big moment on their own social media channels, but Perry and Bloom gave the charity Unicef ​​the honor to share their great happiness.

Perry and Bloom are both Unicef’s goodwill ambassadors.

Unicef ​​shared a beautiful black and white image on its international Instagram account.

The picture shows Perry and Bloom's hands and the newborn's small hand gently squeezing his parent's thumb.

At the same time, Unicef ​​also revealed the child's name.

- Welcome to the world, Daisy Dove Bloom!

We have been honored to introduce the goodwill of our ambassadors Katy Perry and the newborn child of Orlando Bloom, Unicef ​​revealed in the caption.

Perry said earlier in a radio interview with Mikey Piff that she had planned to become a mother and expected a suitable life situation.

- I'm going to be a good mother.

And that’s what my kids will always know, Perry stressed.

Perry’s spouse Orlando Bloom said in an interview with Howard Stern in the fall that he wanted more children.

The actress praised Perry for being a great stepmother to her and ex-spouse Miranda Kerr’s 9-year-old Flynn son.

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    Announced the good news in an exceptional way