China News Agency, Berlin, August 31 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The giant panda twins "Dream" and "Meng Yuan" born in Germany celebrated their first birthday at the Berlin Zoo on the 31st.

The zoo said that the pair of giant panda cubs are growing well, weighing about 28 kg, which is 150 times their birth weight.

On August 31, local time, at the Berlin Zoo in Germany, giant panda twins "Meng Yuan" and "Meng Yuan" were eating ice cream cake.

It is reported that it was the 1st birthday of the giant panda twins, and Berlin Zoo prepared birthday cakes for them.

  "Dream" and "Meng Yuan" were born in Berlin on August 31, 2019.

This is the first time that panda cubs have been born in Germany.

Their mother is the Chinese Sichuan giant panda "Mengmeng" who arrived in Berlin in June 2017, and their father is the male giant panda "Jiaoqing" also from Sichuan.

  To celebrate the first birthday of the twins, Berlin Zoo prepared a birthday cake carved with ice cubes for them that day, decorated with beetroot, carrots and bamboo.

The garden also brought a pile of crushed ice from the Penguin Pavilion, which is adjacent to the Giant Panda Pavilion, so that the giant panda twins can "play in the snow" while enjoying their food.

  Compared with the matte appearance at birth, the one-year-old panda cub looks like an adult panda.

According to the garden, "Dream" and "Mengyuan" weighed less than 200 grams at birth, and now they have reached about 28 kg.

The breeder said that among the twins, the German name "Paul" "Dream Circle" is more active and loves to explore, and the German name "Pete" "Dream" is also trying to catch up with its brother.

  "These are two real'Berlin bears'!" The director of the Berlin Zoo Konerim told reporters that in the past year, the twins have won the love of everyone, and he hopes to take this good day to give support All parties express their sincere thanks.