U.S. delegation meets with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu 5:07 on August 31 before visiting the UAE

Before delegation of Israel and the United States visit UAE = United Arab Emirates to normalize diplomatic relations, the delegation of the United States will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu on the 30th and plan to further discuss with the UAE side. I showed you.

On August 13, Israel and the UAE agreed to normalize diplomatic relations with the intervention of the United States, and delegations from Israel and the United States will visit the capital Abu Dhabi from 31st for discussion.

Ahead of this, delegations such as Senior Adviser Kushner, who is also the son-in-law of President Trump, and Assistant to O'Brien, visited Jerusalem on the 30th and met with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

At a press conference after the talks, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the UAE would abolish the law prohibiting transactions with Israel on the 29th, saying, "I am impressed by the rapid progress toward normalization between the two countries. We emphasized that the negotiations were going well.

In response, Kushner said, "We've already seen some positive moves even in the past few weeks, and we need to push forward an agreement in order to bring out the region's potential." Was shown.

Delegations from both countries will head to Abu Dhabi on the first non-stop flight operated by an Israeli airline on Thursday, accelerating efforts to normalize diplomatic relations.