China News Service, Fuzhou, August 30 (Reporter Long Min) This year's No. 9 Typhoon "Mesaq" at 8 o'clock on the 30th, the center is about 1090 kilometers southeast of the Diaoyu Islands, and the maximum wind speed near the center is 38 m/s (level 13, typhoon) level). According to estimates by the Fujian Meteorological Bureau, the center of the typhoon moves north-westward at a speed of about 15-20 kilometers per hour, and its intensity gradually strengthens. The 31st brought significant wind and waves to the Minwai Fishing Ground, the central and eastern part of the Mindong Fishing Ground and the waters of the Diaoyu Islands in Fujian Province.

  The Flood Control Office of Fujian Province notified on the 30th that in accordance with the "Fujian Province Flood Control and Typhoon Emergency Plan", it was decided to initiate a typhoon level IV emergency response at 12:00 on August 30. (Finish)