Kimi Räikkönen was able to finish second in the season with his Alfa Romeo and was 12th.

Was the result positive when you got close to the points?

- Not really, no. If you don’t get points, there’s nothing positive about it. If you are eleventh or last, it unfortunately does not matter, Raikkonen said.

Shortly after the safety car left, Räikkönen squeezed past his former teammate Sebastian Vettel, whose Ferrari team has been wrestling with speed problems. Räikkönen eventually showed taillights for both Ferraris when Vettel was 13th and Charles Leclerc 14th.

It has been difficult for Ferrari and its customer stables, but Räikkönen was the fastest driver of the day using Ferrari's power source.

- The result is still quite disappointing. The main feeling about the car was not bad. It was as good as it could be, except I lacked top speed to overtake Toro Rosso, Raikkonen said.

With Toro Rosso, Räikkönen meant Daniil Kvjat, who was driving AlphaTaur, who reached 11th and didn't get past Räikkö. The team changed its name for this season.

Räikkönen said that he had survived the rush of Giovinazz and Russell without any problems. During the competition, the Finn was surprised by the liquid that flowed to his feet.

- Water or something else dripped inside the car, Räikkönen acknowledged the suspicions about a possible leaking beverage bottle.