There was brutal violence in Solna, Sweden, last Saturday and Sunday, in which two young men are suspected of torturing and raping two teenage boys for almost ten hours at Solna Cemetery.

Police arrested 18- and 21-year-old suspects in Solna on Sunday.

Aftonbladet, who reported on the matter, now says the father of another suspect has contacted the newspaper. The names of the suspects have spread online, spawning countless death threats for their families.

According to the father, even the family’s kindergarten-aged child is threatened with death.

- We get text messages and threat calls all the time, he said.

The father says he will condemn his son for the act if the son is found guilty.

- If he is found guilty, he must, of course, serve his sentence. But he has not been convicted, the father recalled.

The victims are said to be deeply traumatized by what happened. According to the father, it is difficult to forgive an act if it is true. Both suspects have denied the crimes.

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The father said the family has not spoken to the son since his arrest. According to the father, the son’s mother does not want to talk to her son until he has apologized, and if the son is found guilty, the father states that this must show that he really wants to change.

- But my brain can't accept that my son did something like that.

The father told Aftonbladet that his wife had called the boy on Saturday night to ask if the boy was coming home.

- My wife called him in the evening and he sounded happy answering the phone. He said: Mom, don't worry, I'll be home soon, Dad says.

The boy has previously been convicted of arson and drug offenses, among other things.

The 18- and 21-year-old men were arrested on Sunday on suspicion of abducting, raping, robbing and beating two teenage boys in Sweden. According to Aftonbladet, the victims were also buried alive on a night of torture at Solna Cemetery last weekend.

The boys had been tortured for about ten hours until the passer-by interrupted the events after half past nine on Sunday morning.