Today, the size and type segmentation of cars is such a hassle that it is worth sticking to the manufacturers' views when classifying car models. According to Mercedes-Benz, its latest SUV model, the GLB, is the brand’s “first 7-seater mid-size premium-class City SUV” with “the longest wheelbase in the compact car segment”.

The GLB uses the same floor plan as the Mercedes B-Series, the brand’s smallest minivan. However, the GLB between the GLA and GLC models is stretched to family-automatic dimensions.

The coronavirus epidemic carried over the launch of the B-series SUV to Finland in the autumn. GLB's prices start at just over 44,000 euros.

Photo: Pekka Virtanen

There are good ones to be in the driver's seat. The driving position is desired, the seat supports the body well, and the length-adjustable thigh support improves the seat's rating. The controls, dashboard and displays are in keeping with the current style of Mercedes.

For example, the 7-inch screens included in the basic price had been replaced by 10.25-inch ones, but the accessories can be used to decorate the car no matter how much, the test car had accessories for about 10,000 euros.

With the Mercedes MBUX operating system, you can get there pretty easily, but without the touch switches on the sides of the steering wheel, you would get along. The center display is used with the mouse pad on the large center console.

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The wheelbase of the GLB is 283 cents, which feels like a comfortable space in the rear seat. The wide-opening rear doors make it easier to walk and secure children in the car seats.

GLB is angular and vertical. The novelty is available in both front and four-wheel drive.

Photo: Pekka Virtanen

The electric tailgate rises high enough.

Photo: Pekka Virtanen

The back seat is at a suitable height, but for thigh support, the seat section should be longer and could be located slightly higher. The shoes fit well under the front bench. There’s enough headroom even in the middle, and a small “cardan tunnel” doesn’t tax foot space, but the rear spaces are nonetheless at their best with a load of two adults.

There is plenty of length and head space in the back. The bench has both distance adjustment and leaning tilt adjustment.

There is so much space in the knee space that it can be afforded to shrink if you want to add more measurements to the boot or fold-out seats on the basis of the boot for utilization. The bench divided into two parts adjusts 14 centimeters longitudinally. The parts of the backrest are equipped with tilt adjustment. Additional trunk seats missing from the test car cost about 1,100 euros. According to the manufacturer, they are sufficient for 168-centimeter passengers.

The flat floor of the load compartment is level with the bumper, so the lifting height is moderate. Due to the 7-seater option, the boot lid is tarpaulin-type.

The engine is at the front transversely. So far, only gasoline and diesel engines are available. The power options for the 2-liter diesel are 116, 150 and 190 horsepower. The petrol engines are 136, 163, 224 and the Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 4Matic top model has 306 horsepower.

The dashboard is in line with Mercedes-Benz's current style. Many functions are still handled by mechanical controls.

The size of the instrument panel and center display does not affect the size of the floating dual display panel.

In the case of the mildest petrol machine, the dual-switch machine is 7-speed, in other models it is 8-speed.

The seats provide good lateral support and the driving position is easily desired.

The GLB is either front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The least powerful are front-wheel drive, the most powerful are four-wheel drive, and intervening are available as both options. 4Matic will moderately raise the price of the test-driven 150-horsepower diesel to less than 2,000 euros.

In everyday driving, a 150-horsepower is good enough. The average consumption of 5.6 liters reported for the model was exceeded by more than one liter during the test run.

Driveability is not disappointing. The compact SUV runs stably, obeys the steering neatly and behaves unexpectedly in a variety of driving situations.

A variety of driving mode choices are available. Recently, GLB's premiere also confirmed that the four-wheel drive model can also handle cottage roads in more challenging terrain.

The only big downside to this new Mercedes, which will be launched in Finland this autumn, comes from the car's sound world, as the tires carry quite a chunk of the passenger car.

Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 d A Business

  • Engine R4, turbo, 1,950 cm3, 110 kW (150 hp) / 3,400-4,400 rpm, 320 Nm / 1,400-3,200 rpm

  • Performance 0–100 km / h 9.0 s, top speed 204 km / h

  • Consumption 5.6 l / 100 km, diesel

  • CO2 emissions 146 g / km

  • Transmission A8, front-wheel drive

  • Dimensions p 4 634, l 1 834, k 1 658 mm, wheelbase 2 829 mm, unladen weight 1 680 kg, load capacity 515 kg, towing mass 2 000/750 kg, load compartment 570–1 805 l, tank 52 l

  • Price 46,412 euros

We thank:

Spacious spaces and 7-seater

Good driving characteristics

We criticized:

Level of basic equipment