Two Democratic lawmakers in the US House of Representatives addressed written questions to both US Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, expressing their growing concern that President Donald Trump might not leave office voluntarily, or he might try to use the military, in order to cling to power. In the event that the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, wins the presidential elections scheduled for early November.

The American "Washington Post" newspaper indicated that Representatives Elisa Slotkin and Mickey Sherrill asked General Millie whether he was aware that the Unified Law of Military Justice criminalizes rebellion and sedition, and whether he realizes that he is legally obligated to follow the legal orders issued by the legitimately elected president only. Late on Thursday, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff answered in writing to the lawmakers' questions, saying, "I understand that there is only one legitimate president of the United States."

The newspaper pointed out that Defense Minister Esper has not yet responded to the written questions directed to him.

Slotkin and Sherrill asked the Secretary of Defense and the Chief of Staff to forgo any military operations in these months leading up to the presidential election for political considerations, and not for the sake of protecting the security of the United States, and Representatives Asper and Milley urged to refuse any orders to direct military personnel to polling stations on polling day For the presidential elections, the two women representatives stressed that the army has no role in the voting offices.

The more certain Trump is defeated in the elections, the more he stabs the results. Scenarios:

1 Trump's marginal or overwhelming
victory and Biden’s acceptance 2 Biden’s crushing victory and acceptance of Trump
3 Marginal victory for Biden and Trump’s rejection, Congress intervenes, MPs acknowledge Biden’s victory and the Senate rejects, the Supreme Court intervenes and the military implements its decision

Expect an Indian movie

- Dr. Haider bin Ali Al Lawati (@HaidarAl_Lawati) August 21, 2020

In response to the questions of the two Democrats, the Washington Post said that it was not possible to think of posing such questions at any time in the history of the United States, outside of the civil war.

Trump's statements
and the two female lawmakers justified asking these questions with recent statements made by US President Donald Trump, as he said a few days ago that he might not accept the results of the presidential elections, wondering about the legality of the voters ’vote by mail, which many Americans are expected to resort to to cast. Vote in the presidential election given the concerns associated with the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rep. Sherrill, who was a former helicopter pilot in the US Navy, said, "The President of the United States questions our democracy and our ability to organize free and fair elections, which I see as hostile." The US Intelligence Agency (CIA), in the letter to Asper and Milly, said, "President Trump started from late April and early May to sow seeds of doubt about our election results."

The US Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were subjected to severe criticism from political figures as well as a retired senior military figure last June, as they were accused of standing by President Trump in his desire to use the army to quell anti-racism and police violence demonstrations.

Secretary Asper and General Millie stood by Trump to take pictures of him in a park near the White House, after security forces used force to break up a peaceful demonstration in the same place in order to clear the way for the president.