But the seven judges and three judges considered that the evidence was so convincing, and the explanations of the five accused Swedes were so improbable that they could already today announce the question of guilt. The five defendants were accused of murdering the two rivals and subjected their friend to attempted murder.

The court decides on the exact penalties during the day.

Fooled the victims into a trap

It was on June 25 last year that three people with connections to the Shottaz gang in northern Stockholm had arranged a meeting with a Danish musician.

What they did not know was that the musician allegedly tricked them into a trap. Instead, a leader of the rival gang Dödspatrullen and four loyal supporters had planned to strike in the residential area Herlev just outside Copenhagen.

The three from Shottaz were waiting when two masked and armed shooters suddenly approached a hedge and shot at their car, a Renault. The driver is said to have tried to reverse, but had the engine stopped.

He managed to get out and ran behind a parking garage, with a shot that penetrated his right thigh. The bleeding was heavy.

During the shooting, his 21-year-old brother-in-law got stuck in the car. He crawled out and lay outside. A witness in the house next door filmed when one of the accused, according to the prosecutor, a 22-year-old leader of the Death Patrol, reloaded an AK47a and then emptied another fourteen shots into the already shot 21-year-old.

One of his assistants took a picture which was then spread on social media.

It was a mark to the rivals in the propaganda war that takes place in parallel on social media.

Denies crime

The video has been important evidence in the trial because it showed what weapons were used, the clothes that the five perpetrators were wearing, what getaway car they were using and what the people involved looked like in terms of body shape. All five defendants have denied any wrongdoing. They have only been to Denmark to party, have nothing to do with the murders and do not belong to a gang, they claim.

Shortly after the murders, police were alerted to an address where the aircraft, an Audi, had been parked. It had also been set on fire, but did not catch fire because doors and windows were closed.

The car was crowded with clothes - identical to those worn by the perpetrators according to the video during the murder - full of fingerprints and the defendants' DNA traces. There were also the two weapons, an AK47a and a pistol, which were also used. The automatic weapon had DNA from one of the suspects. In the car were a pair of jeans with the blood of one of the victims.

In an apartment in Aarhus, Denmark, where the accused are believed to have hidden after the murder, there were additional DNA traces on the five. There, police also found a pair of Adidas shoes with the 23-year-old victim's blood.

Conflict between old friends

This now means that the four leading leaders in the core of the Death Patrol have been convicted or detained.

In Shottaz, leading figures have been killed, imprisoned or left the country. Internally, there is also a split and attempted murder where former friends are suspected to be behind it.

At the same time, five new fatal shootings have taken place in northern Stockholm, which in various ways are connected to the accused and their allies. The latest victim was killed yesterday. A man in his 20s with connections to a network in Husby. Among criminals, words like "war" are used to describe what is happening.

In terms of investigation, the question is how it will be possible to catch the culprits.

On average, only one in five murders is solved in the gang environment.