Prime Minister Abe resigns overseas media breaking news August 28 14:49

Overseas media such as Europe, the United States, China, and South Korea are reporting in succession one after another by citing the media reports of Japanese media such as NHK about Prime Minister Abe's intention to resign.

Reuters and Associated Press reported in succession that the Japanese media reported that Prime Minister Abe had decided to resign.

The British BBC has also said that Prime Minister Abe will step down due to the deterioration of his physical condition.

In China, state-owned China Central Television quoted NHK reports and said that Prime Minister Abe has decided to step down because he wants to avoid the impact on national politics, as his illness worsened.

The People's Daily, a newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, also reported the same contents by citing NHK's report, and in Korea, KBS of the public broadcasting and the news of the news agency jointly broadcast the news.