Berlin (dpa / tmn) - The Dutch company Fairphone has launched its new mobile phone Fairphone 3+. Compared to the predecessor Fairphone 3, the camera modules and the audio system have been improved.

The highlight: Owners of the Fairphone 3 can buy the improved modules and use them themselves, as the third Fairphone generation is modular. With the hardware update, every Fairphone 3 can be easily upgraded to the 3+, according to the company. A screwdriver supplied is sufficient.

In terms of screen, battery, main processor and other components, the Fairphone 3+ has not changed anything compared to the 3-series model. The Fairphone 3+ still has a mid-range chip with eight cores, the 632 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm.

More pixels and image stabilization

However, the new camera modules increase the resolution of the main camera from 12 to 48 megapixels (MP). The resolution of the selfie camera has been doubled, from 8 to 16 MP. This improves the photo and video quality significantly, promises Fairphone.

The new cameras also offer improved object tracking, faster autofocus and image stabilization. The modules require the latest operating system version Android 10. Owners of a Fairphone 3 that is still running Android 9 must therefore update the mobile operating system before the conversion.

Fairphone has set itself the goal of having as many components of its smartphones as possible produced sustainably and under humane conditions. On the one hand, this affects the production of the smartphone. The company continues to try to get the raw materials for smartphones from “fair” sources. Repairs should be simplified by a modular structure.

Metals traded without conflict

According to the company, the materials used include responsibly and conflict-free traded tin and tungsten, recycled copper and plastic, and Fairtrade gold. Most recently, the company co-founded an alliance to mine the important raw material cobalt under humane conditions.

The new Fairphone 3+ costs 469 euros and can currently be pre-ordered. The new camera modules are offered together for just under 95 euros. The price for the audio module, which is primarily supposed to ensure better voice quality, has not yet been determined. The new products will be available across Europe from September 14, 2020.

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