Lawyers in the Marengo trial Nico Meijering and Christian Flokstra announced on Thursday that the Public Prosecution Service (OM) must be held accountable by the court. The lawyers demand an explanation of the shadowing of lawyers and an investigation into the alleged leaks by lawyers.

The attorneys want to hear, among others, Chief Public Prosecutor John Lucas and the team leader of the investigation into the site of Ridouan T. as witnesses.

"There will have to be clarity", says Meijering. "As counsel we cannot go on like that. It has become too personal. It has also become too damaging."

It was recently announced that the Public Prosecution Service had Meijering and his office mate Leon van Kleef monitored at Schiphol and in Dubai in June 2019. Justice said to have received a tip that Meijering had an encounter with the then still fugitive T.

According to the lawyers, this is a serious violation of the right of non-disclosure that a lawyer enjoys. Meijering was already assisting Mohamed R., one of the main suspects in this case, at the time of the observation.

Meijering therefore wants the court to order the Public Prosecution Service to provide clarity about how long he and Van Kleef were followed in Dubai. Both lawyers were there for five days. "It is very plausible that there was systematic observation abroad here," said Flokstra in a response. "What happened there and what was the assignment?"

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Lawyers want an explanation about drawing up an official report

According to the defense, there should also be clarity about the motives behind the preparation of the official report in which it is stated that lawyers have leaked secret information to T's organization. The lawyers suspect malicious intent from the Public Prosecution Service.

According to the lawyers, there is a defense interest to further investigate both cases. Their integrity would have been compromised and their clients' right to a fair trial is jeopardized. "There simply comes a point that as a lawyer you can no longer effectively defend yourself," said Flokstra.

Following lawyers is not prohibited, according to the OM

The OM has stated in an earlier response that the official report was drawn up to verify the statements of the crown witness in this trial, Nabil B.

In addition, following lawyers would not be prohibited. The OM will come up with an additional response on Thursday.