• Redes.Enrique Ponce deletes all the photographs with Ana Soria from his Instagram
  • Relationships. Ana Soria's ex-boyfriend enters Enrique Ponce's summer soap opera: "The dates don't add up"
  • Bronca.Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria, first fight on the beach and with witnesses

His separation from Paloma Cuevas and his new relationship with Ana Soria, an anonymous young woman and 27 years his junior, have made Enrique Ponce the total protagonist of the summer, with his personal life being much more debated than his afternoons in the bullrings. , something that the right-hander is not used to and that could be taking a serious toll on him.

Since the romance he maintains with the young woman from Almería became public, all the gestures of each of them have been examined with a magnifying glass. Posts on Instagram, gestures of affection in public or alleged fights have made headlines and Enrique Ponce can no longer take it. Only a few hours ago, the bullfighter has let off steam with The Summer Program, confessing that he is over the top.

"I'm already busted with this situation. How can they invent things like that? Everything is a lie. We haven't argued or anything at all. We haven't even been on that beach. You can't live like that. They 're making my life bitter." In addition, the already ex-partner of Paloma Cuevas has made it clear that from now on he will take whatever measures are necessary to stop the alleged lies that are being told about him. "I'm not going to stay still, I'm going forward, I'm going to sue for false testimony. I'm not going to stay still and I want this to serve as an example."

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria, in their last photos together.

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria can't take it anymore. Although the couple has organized to live their love story as close together as possible, and he has rented a house in Almería to spend the summer and she has requested the transfer of university records to Madrid to study in the capital, the pressure The media is complicating their lives more than they expected: "We do not want or seek this. I cannot be entering to deny all the false testimonies about my life. I do not live from this, I live from fighting.

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