Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, a murder suspect, was recorded on several videos before the shootings, the New York Times reported. Rittenhouse has been linked to shootings in which two people were killed and one injured in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday night. The shootings took place during demonstrations in Kenosha after police shot a black man in the back.

The New York Times went through hours of video and video footage to find out Rittenhouse’s movements. It turned out that Rittenhouse was also in contact with the police during the evening.

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In his interviews before the shooting, Rittenhouse said he was on site to protect local businesses. He has been photographed in front of a Kenosha car dealership.

About a quarter before the first shooting, police drove past Rittenhouse and other armed civilians. The police gave the gang water.

According to a local CBS channel in Chicago, Rittenhouse is seen in a video in which police thank an armed group.

- We really appreciate what you do, we really do that, the police say in the video.

- Thank you. Do you need water? For real. Do you need water? We'll throw you one.

Rittenhouse is seen talking to the police in the police car. When he left the car dealership, police forbade him to return, the New York Times says.

Six minutes after this, Rittenhouse is seen running after a crowd. When an unknown man fires a gun into the air, Rittenhouse turns toward the gun.

Another man appears to be rushing towards Rittenhouse, causing Rittenhouse to shoot four times. He seems to hit the man in the head, the New York Times has analyzed.

Rittenhouse escapes the scene, but as he runs, he stumbles and falls to the ground. He shoots four shots as three people rush towards him. One seems to get hit in the chest at close range and falls to the ground. The other, carrying a handgun, seems to get hit in the hand and runs away.

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Rittenhouse is also seen in the video walking with his hands up towards the police car. Bystanders say Rittenhouse has shot people. However, the police car does not stop the young man as he is on his way to help the victims.

Videos of police giving water to armed civilians and Rittenhouse’s possible attempt to surrender have sparked criticism of police action.

According to the district sheriff, the police may not have known that Rittenhouse was trying to surrender.

- I can imagine all sorts of reasons why I would not have focused on the person who does so. In high-stress situations, you have incredible tunnel vision and don’t know what’s going on out of sight, Sheriff David Beth told CNBC.

According to Beth, the cops give water to "anyone." Rittenhouse was arrested in Antioch, Illinois, where he lives, on Wednesday.