Bella Thorne, 22, who rose to prominence as a Disney star at the time, has revealed she has earned up to € 1.7 million with her intimate images on OnlyFans.

The hugely popular OnlyFans service has been equated with adult entertainment sites. The content of the site is behind the payment wall, and individual performers can be followed with a monthly subscription. The subscription price ranges from $ 5 to $ 50 per month per performer.

Thorne joined the service less than a week ago with a $ 20 subscription fee, so he has amassed his million-dollar income in record time. Thorne spoke openly about joining on his Instagram website, where he has more than 23 million followers.

Thorne has not joined the site solely in terms of money, but Thornella, who works as a director, is in the process of making a film about OnlyFans along with filmmaker Sean Baker.

- It is a world in which we are studying, while I myself am a part of it, Thorne told the Los Angeles Times.

In recent years, Bella Thorne has sought to shed her Disney star image.

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OnlyFans is said to have completely revolutionized the use of online porn. The site does not profile itself as a traditional porn site, but rather tends to be a social media that is forbidden to children and allows them to make money. OnlyFans does not have the same restrictions as Instagram on, for example, nudity.

At the beginning of April, the service had 17.5 million users worldwide.

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The site was set up in the UK back in 2016, but gained a ton of new users when Beyoncé referred to it in April in the song’s lyrics, Complex says. Corona isolation is also believed to have contributed to new people applying for OnlyFans.

The site also has Finnish celebrities. One of them has also performed in Finland's Playboy and seen Erika Helin from Finland in the Miss Finland competition in 2018. He joined the service after hearing that his images were traded without permission on Instagram.

Playboy beauty Taru Kalenov, who has lived abroad for several years, has also traded pictures and videos on OnlyFans. Kalenov initially became known for the Miss Helsinki competition in 2015 after being one of the finalists in the competition.

Thorne, who works as a director, is currently making a film about his experiences at OnlyFans.

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Annabella “Bella” Thorne is an American actress who rose to superstar from the Disney Channel series Shake It Up. Now 22, Thorne was only 12 years old after rising into the public spotlight.

Since then, he has stayed with TV entertainment and has made every effort to shed his clean Disney star image.

Last year, Thorne shook even the last remnants of a child star of himself and began working on adult entertainment. He directed his first porn movie to Pornhub.

- The original vision was to make a Christmas horror movie. Instead, I realized a very beautiful, ethereal vision, Thorne told of her film on Youtube.

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