China News Service, August 26. According to Euronet, citing EUN News Agency, a Greek sea ferry was passing through the waters near the port of Rio east of Patras on the 24th and found a little girl sitting on a unicorn inflating. The boat is drifting in the deep sea. Subsequently, the crew on the ferry worked together to rescue the girl and safely brought it back to the shore a few nautical miles away.

  According to reports, the rescued 4-year-old girl had been swimming with her parents on the beach near the port of Andrion before drifting into the deep sea. Allegedly, after being placed on a unicorn inflatable boat by her parents, the girl was left alone in the shallow water on the shore.

  While the girl’s parents were swimming in the sea, the inflatable boat on which the girl was riding slowly left the shore under the influence of the waves and wind, and drifted to the depths of the sea with the wind.

  When the young couple swam back to the shore, they found that the child had disappeared, so they had to call the police for help. Subsequently, the police launched search and rescue operations. At the same time, the local police contacted the Port Authority to inform nearby vessels to look for children drifting at sea.

  Fortunately, the "Salamino Marcos" ferry passed through the waters of Rio Port to Port Andrion and found and rescued the girl.

  The ferry captain Kanesis said afterwards that fortunately, the wind and waves were not strong, otherwise the girl would be in danger of drowning at any time. Canesis revealed that the girl had been frightened when she was found, she held the inflatable boat tightly and motionless. When she saw rescuers approaching, she screamed. The crew then took her back to the ship and took the child back to the shore safely to his parents. (Xu Yan)