China News Service, August 26. According to Russian Satellite Network reports, on the 26th local time, the Russian emergency department said that a gas explosion occurred in a residential building in the western part of the country's capital, Moscow, and caused a fire. At present, the accident has caused at least 4 injuries.

  According to reports, the explosion occurred in a five-story residential building in western Moscow. Three floors were engulfed by fire. After the accident, the people in the residential building were evacuated and 16 people were rescued.

  At present, the accident has caused at least 4 people to be injured, of which 2 were seriously injured. According to local media sources, after the accident, the streets near the residential building have been blocked.

  In addition, according to the latest news from the Russian emergency department, the fire in the residential building has been extinguished. Officials revealed that the accident did not cause the collapse of a residential building, and more investigations into the accident are ongoing.