British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 56, is rumored to be about to resign. According to Business Insider, the information comes from Humphry Wakefield, an assistant to Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s chief adviser.

Rumor has it Johnson would be about to resign within six months.

Wakefield had told the wife about it, as well as a woman named Anna Silverman, who had given an interview to the Times of London Diary. According to Wakefield, Johnson will resign early next year as he is left with permanent health problems due to the corona.

Boris Johnson contracted the coronavirus in late March and ended up in intensive care in early April. Picture of August 2020.

Photo: Brian Lawless / Pool via REUTERS / File Photo

Johnson was admitted to intensive care in early April after developing covid-19 disease. Johson spent five days in intensive care at St. Thomas Hospital in London. Just a few weeks after getting into intensive care, Johnson returned to work. Since then, several reports have said, according to Business Insider, that Johnson's health is still poor after months.

Wakefield is said to have compared Johnson’s condition to an injured horse that has been put back to work too soon.

- If you put an injured horse back to work too early, it will never get better, The Times quoted Wakefield as saying.

According to Business Insider, a source close to the prime minister strongly denies the allegations. According to him, the rumor is “full of nonsense”.

Recently, Johnson glowed in public how well he is now that he has begun to live healthier after recovering from coronary heart disease. He blamed his serious illness, in part, for being “too fat”.

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Johnson was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in July 2019. He was the lead figure in a campaign demanding Brexit.

MTV told about this earlier in Finland.