a video frame of Blake's injury

  • Agents kill an African American man in Louisiana: investigations underway
  • George Floyd dies, protests outside the White House
  • Usa, shock video: African American stopped by agents dies of suffocation
  • Atlanta, African American killed by police: shocking social video


August 25, 2020A few months after George Floyd's death and the important 'Icantbreathe' and 'blacklivesmatter' protests, the racism nightmare returns to the US after another African American was hit by the police.

This is Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old African American who was shot on the street in Kenosha, Wisconsin by an agent. According to the latest news Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down. The boy's father reports to the Chicago Sun-Times, noting that his son has "eight holes" on his body and doctors do not know at the moment if the paralysis will be permanent. 

The young man allegedly intervened to quell a domestic accident, and was seriously injured and then flown to the Milwaukee hospital in serious condition. In the video, shot last Sunday by a passerby, Jacob Blake is repeatedly shot and shot in the back by the police, in front of his three children who were in a car.

The story is similar to what happened after the protests regarding the death of George Floyd which took place on May 25 in Minneapolis, because after the release of the video in which Blake is seen injured in the street by the police, for the second night in a row, heated protests have affected Kenosha, a quiet city of 100,000 inhabitants, theater of the incident.  

The clashes last night broke out a few hours after other demonstrations repressed by the agents and despite the curfew. Thousands of people gathered around the courthouse shortly after 8pm local time, and some began throwing water bottles and fireworks at the county sheriff's men. In response, the officers fired tear gas. 

"We want the officers who shot him to be fired, arrested and tried," the crowd screamed. The agents have been suspended for now.