A four-year-old girl was rescued a long way from shore on a large unicorn-shaped float with two sleeves. The images were recorded off the coast of Greece by several Russian tourists traveling on the Salaminomachos ferry . Her crew received the alert from the port authority, lowered the access ramp to the cars and, from there, they were able to rescue the girl, who seemed scared. The little girl is fine and tries to recover from the shock.

The girl was on vacation with her parents on the beach in Antirrio when a gust of wind blew away the float in which the girl was playing a few kilometers from the coast. Her parents then notified the port authority, which activated the maritime alert. The Salaminomachos ferry, loaded with cars and tourists, approached her. The ship's crew was able to rescue her and bring her to safety, to later transfer her to land where she was treated by medical personnel and later handed over to her parents.

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