The organization of the Finland-Sweden athletics match at the beginning of September in Tampere is uncertain due to interest rate restrictions. A national match will take place or not, Swedish pole vault star Armand Duplantis will not be seen in the event.

Duplantis, which jumped to the men’s world record of 618 in the hall last winter, is one of the brightest athletics stars, with demand for international competitions in line with it. At the beginning of September, Duplantis will jump every two days at the Diamond League in Lausanne and Brussels, and the Finland-Sweden match will not fit on his calendar.

- Planning the season is difficult enough anyway. We don’t have time to sit and wait for a decision on whether or not to play a national match - especially when the whole world is shouting after him, Duplantis manager Daniel Wessfeldt explained to Aftonbladet.